CDU demands answers to the Euregiogymnasium

Shouldn't the fire safety defects have been recognized beforehand? Can those responsible at that time still be held accountable today? These are just two of the numerous questions that the CDU parliamentary group asks in connection with the significant fire safety deficiencies in the Euregiogymnasium. In an inquiry she asked the mayor for answers at the next meeting of the main and finance committee.

"Of course, it was absolutely right for the administration to first of all make every effort to ensure that school operations can start again after the holidays," explains Burkhard Weber, CDU parliamentary group leader, and continues: "Against the background of the the first possible scenarios, a good solution that corresponds to the circumstances has been found. ”For the CDU, however, it was also clear that the topic could not end here. Weber: “After a good solution has been found, the background must now be examined, how such serious fire protection defects could have occurred and why these 50 years were not discovered. The citizens deserve answers to this. This also affects the responsibility of the people acting at the time. Errors must be clearly identified and the possibility must be examined whether those responsible can still be held accountable today. After all, people were lightly exposed to considerable dangers for years, ”Weber continued.

The CDU therefore demands a number of answers from the mayor. Among other things, the parliamentary group wants to know whether the companies responsible have carried out further construction work in Bocholt. Furthermore, whether contact has already been made with the people who carried out the building inspection at the time and whether these people are also responsible. The questions also deal with the subject of a sports hall, which was costly renovated after an arson in 2010. The CDU would like to know from the administration why a fire protection and refurbishment concept was then created only for the sports hall and whether all the buildings should not have been usefully examined. In addition, the CDU raises the question of whether the renovated parts of the building are defect-free. Finally, the CDU demands an answer to the question of whether the hidden defects could or should have already been recognized in previous renovations or renovations. The CDU group expects the questions to be answered at the next meeting of the main and finance committee on August 26th.

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