Programmer Mathis Schülingkamp and Made-in-Bocholt founder Berthold Blesenkemper have been working on the city app Bocholt for weeks

Programmer Mathis Schülingkamp (left) and Made-in-Bocholt founder Berthold Blesenkemper have been working on the City app Bocholt for weeks


Made in Bocholt is now also available as a city app for smartphones. With the program up-to-date information can be called up or created by the user as well as user interest oriented push messages. In addition, the Bocholt Shop can already be searched and ordered via 1600 products. There are also games and a job board integrated. "The City app optimally exploits the possibilities of mobile devices. This will ultimately benefit the local trade, "says MiB founder Berthold Blesenkemper. He delivered the contents with his platform. The app was programmed in a purely Bocholt digital cooperation by Mathis Schülingkamp from the IT forge 21medien.

In the City-App the user can find on the start page clearly arranged news, offers, events as well as companies and their job postings. With the help of a login function, news and recommendations are individually tailored to the user as needed. In addition, customers can order more quickly or earn points with every purchase.

City-App Bocholt: Individual offer for the trade

The Bocholt Shop offers offers from local retailers. A technical linkage of already existing online shops in the city makes it possible to access the entire portfolio of participating businesses and to order products cross-platform in the partners' digital portals. First co-operation partner is the company Hungerkamp with their goods more than 1600 available online. Meanwhile, other retailers still list their products in the Made-in-Bocholt shop, which, however, only mediates transactions at the moment and passes on attractive discounts to customers.

A delivery service for the city is planned for the future. "If the people of Bocholt could buy something online by 17 p.m. and it would be brought home to them on the same evening possibly even against cash payment by cargo bike, then ordering on site would be more convenient, safer, faster, and more sustainable because of the lack of packaging waste and in view of the shorter transports are more CO2-neutral than, for example, with Amazon, ”says Berthold Blesenkemper, describing the advantages. But something like this has yet to be developed.

City-App Bocholt: Platform with delivery service planned

Temporary promotions, for example Black Friday, around the Christmas business or the carnival, can be planned and grouped via the platform and advertised using push notifications. The focus is currently on “Bocholt gifts” from Bocholt spices to Bocholt doormats to Bocholt-Ring and Bocholt toasters.

With location-based enhancements such as beacons and mini-games in the city center and at participating stores, the platform informs and rewards visitors to the city with vouchers and discounts. Local competitions such as the wheel of fortune provide entertainment factor and added value to the existing shopping experience.



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