Good Shepherd Corona Case

Good Shepherd Corona Case
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Bocholt. A Corona case has occurred in the Good Shepherd Bocholt. A resident of the geriatric care facility tested positive for the novel corona virus. His family doctor had taken the smear. "It is an 88-year-old man. He lives in a single room and shows only mild symptoms, "reports home manager Johannes Tepasse," In consultation with the district health office and the WTG authority (home supervision), we have initiated all necessary protective measures. "

The responsible authorities ordered tests for all employees and residents who were contact persons. All affected are in quarantine until their test results are known. The residents of the residential group stay separately in their rooms. The living group inside the house is sealed off by an additional dust wall. The strictest hygiene regulations apply.

When trying to interrupt the chain of infection, Tepaße hopes that the preventive safety precautions recommended by the authorities will pay off: "There has been a complete ban on relatives and visitors for almost three weeks." Since then, all residents have met as little as possible. Cross-group activities are completely discontinued and employees assigned to permanent resident groups to care for, he reports. In-house tablets enable contact between residents and relatives via Skype.

The workforce deserves special thanks in the current situation, says Tepasse: “The Good Shepherd holds together: Everyone is incredibly involved. Our employees work tirelessly and with commitment to the people entrusted to them. "

BU Bild_01: The Good Shepherd Bocholt has 120 inpatient care homes for the elderly, 24 assisted care homes for the elderly, 10 short-term care places and 2 hospice places. It is sponsored by the Episcopal Foundation Haus Hall. (Photo: Good Shepherd Bocholt)

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