Defibrillator installed in front of the Tourist Info in Bocholt

Defibrillator installed in front of the Tourist Info in Bocholt

Bocholt. On Thursday, July 30, 2020, Nordstr. 14 A publicly accessible defibrillator was installed in front of the Tourist Info in Bocholt. This means that a “defi” can be accessed in the city center around the clock in an emergency, for example, if a cardiological emergency occurs in the city streets of downtown Bocholt. The operation of the device is clearly given for every first-aider, which means that everyone can get help quickly in an emergency.
An automated external defibrillator (AED, also lay defibrillator or Defi for short) is a medical device for the treatment of defibrillable cardiac arrhythmias by delivering electric shocks. Automated external defibrillators are particularly suitable for lay helpers due to their design and functionality. Here, the devices recognize without the intervention of the first aider whether a shock is necessary and sensible. This prevents incorrect operation. Depending on the design, a shock is delivered either automatically or at the push of a button ("semi-automatic"). The energy that is released during the shock is also determined by the AED. First aiders only have to pay attention to the mostly acoustic instructions such as: B. performing the cardiopulmonary resuscitation or during the rhythm analysis or the shock, the adjustment of the cardiac massage (and if necessary, distance yourself from the patient). [Source: Wikipedia]
"We have been working on the project on the part of Stadtmarketing together with the Bocholt-based company 1A Medizintechnik GmbH since the end of 2019 and have now implemented it in a private-public partnership, which makes me totally happy," says Ludger Dieckhues, managing director of city marketing and business development in Bocholt . "It is not primarily about attractiveness in the city center, but it is about quality, safety, health and maybe just a good feeling for inner city visitors that such a defi is quick and easy to use on site."

Jens Grotstabel from 1A Medizintechnik campaigned for the installation of such an AED device in the city center. The marketing manager of the Bocholt-based company held various training courses and information events for entrepreneurs on how to use a defibrillator. "It is very important to inform about such relief measures to describe the easy handling! Above all, however, it was a real concern for us to implement such a project, for example in the city center, together with the city marketing, ”Jens Grotstabel describes the motivation for this PPP project. "Most AED devices are installed in companies where they can help during working hours, but are not accessible around the clock."
The Tourist Info staff will receive special training in the next few weeks to operate the defibrillator so that they can also help during opening hours if in doubt. And at the open Sunday "Bokeltsen Treff" on September 27.9th it will be in front of the Tourist Info on Nordstr. give public training and presentation of AED devices by 1A medical technology and city marketing.

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