The view through the lens - 30 years industrial museum Bocholt

The view through the lens - 30 years industrial museum Bocholt

Bocholt (lwl). 2019 celebrates the LWL Industrial Museum's 40. Birthday, his location in Bocholt is 30 years old. Berthold Socha accompanied the development of the Verbundmuseum not only as an employee of the Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe (LWL), but also as a passionate photographer. A selection of his pictures is currently titled "Factory. Monument. Forum "in the spinning mill of the textile factory. At an artist talk on Thursday (9.5.) At 18 o'clock, Socha looks back in pictures and stories at the eventful history of the museum. Visitors pay for the normal entrance to the museum.

1979 decided the LWL the establishment of a decentralized industrial museum. It was intended to exemplify the culture of the industrial age, to open monuments and make them accessible to the public. Ten years later, the first of eight museum locations in the textile town of Bocholt was opened. Because a historic building was not available at the time, the LWL initially decided to replicate a typical weaving mill from the turn of the century. Since the opening of the spinning mill in September 2011, the textile museum trades with its two locations as "Textilwerk Bocholt".

Socha's black-and-white photographs explore the sculptural qualities of the museum's eight locations. Decay and construction as well as surfaces and objects are just a few of his themes. The exhibition of photographs from 40 museum years is still to 8. September in the spinning mill of the textile factory. Information under <>.

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