“Die Kümmerlinge” from the Apostelkirche


The Kümmerlinge have done much with the help of committed parishioners,
around the beautiful community center: a beautiful terrace was designed

We have some nice hours at the Kirchkaffee or similar events
with barbecue, have spent together.

We would like to continue this great collaborative work and are looking forward to it
about every helping hand, about every parishioner who is with us community

and want to live.

If you feel addressed or just in the group
Just take a look, just come to the next meeting or get in touch
under the e-mail

Jandani83@yahoo.de with me. The dates for this year are already

Every Saturday from 8: 00 Clock: 25.05., 29.06., 24.08., 28.09., 26.10., Am
23.11. from 8: 30 clock