Digitalisation, migration and environmental protection: JU Bocholt discusses the orientation of the CDU

Digitalisation, migration and environmental protection: JU Bocholt discusses the orientation of the CDU
Young Union Bocholt

Last Friday, the Young Union was allowed to attend its Active Circle meeting
(JU) Bocholt welcome the local CDU leader, Lukas Kwiatkowski.
Around 20 JUler discussed with him the outcome of the European elections and the
future direction of the CDU. It became clear that the party in their
Communication, especially in the social media, must be better. In dealing
with article 13, Fridays for Future and the video of YouTubers Rezo has the
CDU made a very unfortunate impression, so the unanimous opinion
this evening.

?? On the currently most important topics ?? Digitization, migration and
Environmental Protection ?? either the CDU Germany has not the right one
Answers or communicates these incorrectly ,? notes JU chairman Lukas
Behrendt. Deputy Chairman Christian Stevens adds:
?? Especially in the field of digitization there is much to catch up ?? also at
us in Bocholt. The digital equipment of schools must be first class.
Furthermore, Germany needs a nationwide and efficient
Mobile network. Here, the rural area may not be suspended. When on
the distance from Bocholt to Münster several dead spots prevail is
this just unacceptable.

On the subject of migration, the last migration package was approved
Stepping in the right direction, the JU Bocholt is sure.
Nevertheless, much remains to be done. ?? due to the uncontrolled and
disorderly immigration in the refugee crisis prevail in our country
serious grievances that must not be swept under the carpet.
As long as the problems in the area of ​​migration are not solved, it will
also give a debate about migration ??, so JU chairman Lukas Behrendt.
The CDU must regain the confidence of the voters, which in recent years
Have migrated to the AfD for years and thus make the party superfluous.
Behrendt: "Until then it's still a long way! ??

When it comes to environmental protection, the Junge Union Bocholt sees the present
Populism and actionism with great skepticism. Jannick explains
Behrens, Press Officer of JU Bocholt: ?? Since time immemorial, environmental protection has been
always an important and present topic. Germany, and in particular
Bocholt, too, are already doing well in environmental protection. Nevertheless
can get even better in this area. The CDU and JU stand for one
realpolitik approach, both jobs and the protection of the
Environment equally considered. However, it is necessary that the
Party this and the numerous successes that we have already achieved
communicates better. Populist and actionist demands, like us
For example, they are currently experiencing them from the Bocholt SPD, on the other hand
ineffective. Under no circumstances may the CDU jump on this move.
Politics are measured by what they actually achieved. ??

The results of the European elections show that the CDU is a strong boy union
At her side, Lukas Kwiatkowski is more than after the evening
ever sure. ?? In Bocholt we know this well. I am glad that we are here before
Place to have such a strong and active JU. Already we work closely and
trusting together and bind every interested JUler as active as
possible in the work. That two of the four vice
CDU chairmen are members of the Junge Union, this is clearly demonstrated. The
Bocholt CDU is ahead of the federal party in this area, so
Kwiatkowski continues.

JU Chairman Behrendt also sees it this way: "In Bocholt we have with Lukas
Kwiatkowski the great luck to have a CDU chairman, the JUlern
listen and take their concerns really seriously. This applies, moreover, to the
entire Bocholt CDU. Even if we do not agree on every topic
are openly and honestly discussed about the various aspects. On
Good example of the openness of the CDU Bocholt is environmental protection. Here
She works closely with the most diverse actors, without losing the
Lose sight of the economy and develop solution-oriented ones
Approaches. Because the CDU Bocholt listens to all citizens and cares. ??

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