CDU meets club representatives and interested citizens from the district Feldmark

What concerns us? What annoys us? What are we looking forward to? These and other questions were discussed and discussed in an open and relaxed discussion with the local club representatives of the district Feldmark and interested citizens at the 12.09.2019 in the premises of the Lebenshilfe. Among the main topics of the evening included the offers of Lebenshilfe and [...]

Family celebration of the CDU Bocholt

The annual family celebration of the CDU Bocholt takes place this year on Saturday, the 21. September, instead. The party invites all members and interested parties from 15 to 18 clock in the home town of Mussum, Am Marienplatz 4, a. On this occasion, the CDU Bocholt will also honor its longtime members. Among other things, the former member of parliament [...]

Kerkhoff at the Junge Union

Next Friday, the 13. September, the Junge Union (JU) Bocholt meets for their next active circle meeting. As a guest the JUler receive the designated mayoral candidate of the CDU Thomas Kerkhoff. He would like to introduce himself to the members of JU this evening and discuss with them the future development of Bocholt. The session starts at 19: 30 [...]

CDU invites you to a joint conversation

What concerns us? What annoys us? What are we looking forward to? These and other questions would like to discuss the Bocholt CDU Local Union West in an open discussion with the local club representatives and citizens of the district Feldmark. The discussion evening will take place on Thursday, the 12. September, at 19 clock in the premises of the Lebenshilfe Bocholt, Werther street 173, instead. Barely [...]

Cafe International opens again after the holidays

On Friday, 31.8. After the holidays, the "Cafe International" of the Evangelical Church began again in the parish hall of the Apostle Church, Biemenhorster Weg 15. The meeting takes place on Fridays from 16 to 18 pm and since December 2016 has been used as a meeting place between locals and asylum seekers, mainly from Persian-speaking countries. Translators are present for Persian-speaking persons. In addition to drinking coffee there are also the offer to read the common Bible for those interested. [...]

When Stones Tell - Anecdotes and Stories to the Sacred Heart Church

Warm invitation to the narrative cafe on Sunday 1. Sept. at 16: 00 pm in the Heart of Jesus Church. People from the parish tell of their stories of how the milkman's bell came to church, what Storck's giants have to do with church construction, or why the organ is so fake. Afterwards it is possible to have a chat over coffee and drinks. First published on [...]

Cafe International opens again after the holidays

On Friday, 31.8. begins after the holidays again the "Cafe International" of the Protestant parish in the parish hall of the Apostle Church, Biemenhorster way 15. The meeting takes place on Fridays from 16 to 18 pm and since December 2016 has been used as a meeting place between locals and asylum seekers, mainly from the Persian-speaking world. For Persian-speaking persons translators are [...]

The German Federal Agency for Technical Relief introduces its new youth workers.

The Technical Relief Organization is proud to announce two very dedicated and highly motivated volunteers as successors to the youth workers, Florian Dreyer and David Rumswinkel. Alexander Frieg and Julian Eicker will direct the fortunes of the youth group. Both are assistants of the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief for many years to gain their first THW experiences in the youth group. They have already taken on both responsibilities in the youth group and will now be in charge of the work. Alexander Frieg and Julian Eicker are qualified youth leaders and are looking forward to working with the currently 35 youth of the Bocholter THW Youth Group. Do you have any questions about the THW? Youth Bocholt. Then write us an E-Mail: [...]

THW Youth Bocholt meets his friends from Iceland

VBocholt 16.07.2019 - 26.07.2019 In the first two summer vacation weeks, the youth group of the local chapter Bocholt / Borken got visitors from the Icelandic Search and Rescue Association (ICE-SAR). Between the friendly youth groups of the German and Icelandic civil protection organizations already since 2016 the exchange program statt.Schon for the third time visited the young people of the local group Björgunarsveitin Ársæll and the local association Bocholt / Borken mutually. Since the first meeting in the year 2016 in Bocholt, there has been an annual change, with a one-year break, in Iceland and Germany. This year, for ten young people and three supervisors of the ICE-SAR to Germany. Gelandet in the Netherlands, the exchange youth group was picked up from the airport in Amsterdam Schiphol and driven to Bocholt. At the accommodation they were already expected by a part of the THW youth group. The young volunteers had previously prepared everything for the arrival of the Icelanders: Cots were built, the classrooms converted into sleeping quarters, but also the tables for food had to be set up and the vehicles were issued to the yard. After the reception of the Icelanders - of course, with horn concert and blue light - and the unloading of luggage went right on: For dinner, the young people made their way to the restaurant winter garden by bike. Freshly strengthened was then explored with the night watchman Bocholt downtown and its history in the year 1665.Auch the next day, the young people got to see more parts of Bocholt. In a city rally, they answered questions about the various stations, such as the hydrodynamic screw or the town hall and did together various team tasks. In the afternoon, the Icelandic guests were greeted by Elisabeth Kroesen, the first deputy mayor of Bocholt, in the new town hall. The young people then cooked together in the Albert-Schweizer Realschule. On the third day of the exchange, not only a visit to the Borken climbing forest was on the program, but also a joint training service. The young helpers learned how to rescue a person from a debris field and how to properly deflate an injured person using a ladder lever and a grinding basket. At the various stations they were accompanied by a camera crew of the program KIKA LIVE, which made a contribution about the youth group and their exchange. So that the Icelanders could not only get to know Bocholt during their visit to Germany, the exchange with the annual Youth travel connected. And so the young people set off for Hamburg for the weekend the next day. In the city, the young people undertook some exciting activities: The program included visits to Northern Helicopters, at the National Police Hamburg and a ferry trip across the Elbe. On the way back to Bocholt, the youth groups also stopped in Gelsenkirchen, showed the professional fire brigade and visited the Zoom Erlebniswelt. The youngsters also spent a day in Cologne, where they had the opportunity to discover the city in small groups on their own. Back in Bocholt on the penultimate day, the various specialist groups, their vehicles and the equipment of the Technical Train were presented. In the afternoon everyone was able to cool down in the self-built pool and end the day together. In the evening, the young helpers were given small gifts as a thank you for their hospitality. On Friday morning, it was then say goodbye to each other after ten exciting days. While the Icelandic guests were being driven back to the airport, the youth helpers of the THW cleared the local chapter, dismantled the camp beds and cleaned the vehicles. [...]

Parents' evening in the Family Center Friedrich-Froebel "Resilienz"

On Wednesday, the 18.09.19 of 19.30 - 21.45 watch deals with the subject of "resilience". Under the direction of Nadine Schöttler, we are concerned with what we can do to ensure that our children grow up resilient and healthy.Practice-oriented and from different perspectives, the topic " Resilience ": What is resilience and what does it have to do with healthy growing up? How can my child grow up as healthy and resilient as possible? And what role does the system play in families in the resilience construct? Take home evening new ideas, impulses and practical handling strategies and then apply them on an exciting discovery journey in everyday life with your children. The parents' evening takes place in the community center of the Evangelical Apostle Church, Biemenhorster way 15, 46395 Bocholt. [...]

On a beer with Minister of the Interior Reul

On the 30. August is NRW Minister of the Interior Herbert Reul guest in Bocholt. As part of the series of events on a beer with ???? he answers the questions of interested young people. From 19: 30 am, the Junge Union (JU) Bocholt receives the Minister of the Interior at the Café tagwerk, Ravardistrasse 19, for a beer. The intake begins at 19: 00 pm ?? From fighting the [...]

Application of the CDU: City should renaturate its own gravel gardens

For the next Council meeting, the CDU parliamentary party requests that the city of Bocholt re-seal sealed urban areas. As a first measure, the gravel garden of the administrative branch office on Kaiser-Wilhelm-Straße will be upgraded ecologically. A green roof in suitable buildings calls the CDU in their application. Michael Wiesmann, Chairman of the Environment Committee, explains: "Pure gravel or rock gardens are [...]

Liebfrauen auf Ameland - "The year in 14 days"

Already a week ago, the participants arrived with the support team on Ameland and have moved into their accommodation. But time flies by. Because the motto "The year in 14 days" holds a new highlight every day. From Santa Claus to Christmas holiday and shooting festival. Time flies like in flight. By the way, today is Carnival! First appeared on [...]

Welcome, Kirsten Böing!

On the 1. Kirsten Böing begins training as a Pastoral Referee in our parish. Ms. Böing lives in Rhede and has worked as a kindergarten teacher so far. In addition, she is active in the parish of St. Gudula honorary. Her assistantship will last four years and includes, among other things, the theological distance learning, community practice, study weeks in Münster and training as a religious teacher. Pastoral Officer Klaus Brücks will accompany the training as a mentor. In the first few weeks, she will make first contacts and get to know the congregation a little. After the holidays, she will be in the church services at the 31.8./1.9. We would like to welcome Ms. Böing to Liebfrauen and wish her a good start! First published on [...]