Town Hall Rehabilitation: CDU calls for clarification and brings deletion of individual measures into play

The emerging cost trend in the renovation of the town hall, the CDU Group is of great concern. In this context, it does not exclude the possibility of deleting individual redevelopment measures, as Johannes Dyhringer, city councilor and CDU spokesman in the Building Committee, emphasizes. It is important that in the end the citizens have a functional city hall at their disposal.??We are very concerned about the current developments in town hall renovation. Already 2018, we have therefore proposed to fix the budget for the renovation. Unfortunately, this has not been supported by all parties, "said CDU leader, Burkhard Weber. For the CDU, it is now important that the ongoing cost calculations be completed and submitted to the city council. It may also be examined to what extent the additional costs can be compensated by the monument protection by means of subsidies. Johannes Dyhringer explains: "Only on this basis can we assess whether individual remedial measures are meaningful and economical. For the CDU, it is not excluded to cancel individual planned remedial measures. Decisive may be solely that the citizens at the end again have a functional city hall with cultural center and the employees meaningfully equipped workstations are available. He also called for a review of whether there are delays in the timetable as a result of the current developments. In the opinion of the other parties, Group President Weber said: "In order to find a quick and sensible solution now, we must act together. It is not enough to say that this is not the case without suggesting an alternative solution. With such a big and important project like the Town Hall refurbishment, we have to tackle the upcoming challenges across the board! "Regarding the other urban buildings and structures, the CDU faction once again highlights the need for ongoing entertainment. "It must not happen again that the single-city building is so neglected in the conversation over the years!" Concluded Weber. [...]

End of the gliding season 2019

Since last weekend we are Bocholter gliders no longer at the airfield, but in our workshop in the clubhouse on the Wachtelschlag to find. We have already loaded the aircraft into the trailer and transported it to Bocholt, followed by extensive grilling for the start of the winter season. There are only a few, minor repairs, which does not mean that [...]

Management and coordination staff training in the THW local association Bocholt / Borken

Who actually cares about supply and logistics in case of emergency? How are THW units sent into the mission? What if supra-regional THW units are needed? To answer these and other questions, the staff members of our local association (OV) and THW OV Dinslaken, THW OV Geldern, THW OV Kleve, THW OV Moers and THW OV Wesel have a training course this weekend participated in leadership and coordination. [...]

Institute for Didactics of Chemistry honored as an honorary employer

Düsseldorf - Voluntary work characterizes the technical aid organization. On the one hand, this includes the commitment of the helpers, and on the other, the understanding and support of the family and the employer. The THW Ortsverband Bocholt / Borken is very proud to have such great understanding and support from the families and employers of the helpers. Last Wednesday, the employer of our local representative, Jan-Bernd Haas, the Institute for Didactics of Chemistry at the Westfälische-Wilhelms-Universität Münster by the THW-Landesbeauftragten for North Rhine-Westphalia, Dr. med. Hans-Ingo Schliewinski, excellent. The support that our local representative receives from his employer enables him to carry out his duties in this way. Also the entire THW local association Bocholt / Borken says THANK YOU. [...]

Conversation course German starts

Caritas Association and Working Group on Asylum invite together with the Josefsschule to a conversation course: "Talking to each other (German)" During coffee or tea we want to meet and talk to each other. You are invited! When? Every Thursday from 8: 15 - 9: 45 clock, start is on 7.11.19, on 19.12. Let's see you for the last time before the Christmas break. Where? Josef School, [...]

FESTAKT 200 years Evangelical in Bocholt

On the 31. October 2019 celebrates the Evangelical Church Bocholt her 200 anniversary. Together with all districts and guests from the city we celebrate the 200 anniversary of the Evangelical Church Bocholt. We start 18.00 o'clock with the opening in the St. Agneskapelle at the Schonenberg. Where it all started. Afterwards there will be a celebration service in the Christuskirche starting at 19 o'clock. Everyone is welcome. [...]

CDU North-West receives well-launched Kerkhoff and nominates council candidates

On Tuesday evening, the local association Bocholt North-West received the designated CDU mayor candidate Thomas Kerkhoff for an information evening in the restaurant "Zum Pitt" in Suderwick. The 30 attending members and guests, including the CDU chairman Lukas Kwiatkowski and the CDU parliamentary group leader Burkhard Weber, experienced a well-established candidate for mayor. He used the opportunity to present himself in detail. Afterwards, Kerkhoff was available to answer numerous questions. He convinced the audience with clear statements on topics such as digitization, economy, mobility, climate change and agriculture. He also positioned himself on current issues such as residential space development and skills shortage. He always received encouragement and praise from the ranks of the audience. Kerkhoff also has a clear opinion on controversial topics such as the development of the Ewibo or the Kubaai project. Kerkhoff replied with the following question from a member, whether he also speaks Platt: "In Velen and Ramsdorf dot wi proeten, do not screw! "At the latest now Kerkhoff had arrived at the present members and guests, which they expressed with applause. The district chairman Joachim Unland described Kerkhoff in his conclusion as an honest, competent and authentic candidate. He thanked Thomas Kerkhoff and promised him the full support of the local association 6 for the forthcoming mayoral election campaign. In the further course of the evening, the candidates of the local association Bocholt North-West for the local elections on 13. September 2020 ago. In addition to the district candidate Theo Sanders, the candidates for the three electoral districts in Bocholt northwest were announced. For the constituency 21 (Spork / Suderwick) Wilhelm Schepers is nominated, for the constituency 22 (Lowick on the right of the Aa / Löverick) Frank Ignaszak and for the constituency 23 (Holtwick / shirts) Joachim Unland for the CDU in the race. However, the final decision on the nominations will not be made until the March 2020 nomination party. [...]

CDU applies for Kita-Bau in Suderwick

By a clear majority, the Suderwicker parents have spoken out in a survey for a family center including day care. As a result, the CDU faction still applied in the meeting of the past Youth Help Committee on 17. September, the drafting of a resolvable template. These should be discussed and agreed in the coming meeting on 5.November.??The result of the parents' survey has shown a clear picture: TheSuderwicker want a family center, including day care. The need for an 3 group facility exists. We as the CDU parliamentary group have already spoken in favor of such a family center in Suderwick at the beginning of the year, "says city council member Elisabeth Kroesen, demanding:" Now that the results of the survey are available, we should start planning as soon as possible. " For this reason, the administration, so the CDU application, already for the next meeting of the Youth Relief Committee to create a corresponding template on which the committee members can decide. Also for the development of a special room concept, the CDU speaks. ?? The family center is intended to fulfill all the educational requirements of a modern day care center. On the other hand, however, other rooms are also to be provided which are available to the community and thus strengthen the village structure ,? Kroesen said. Even after the completion and opening of the Suderwick family center, some children will continue to attend the elementary school in the Netherlands However, for the attendance of the basic school are significantly higher ??, notes Elisabeth Kroesen, who is also chairwoman of the youth welfare committee. For this reason, the CDU is also requesting to check the extent to which the city of Bocholt can benefit the higher cost parties. A corresponding contribution and support structure should be submitted to the Youth Assistance Committee for discussion and decision-making. Kroesen: "We should allow a reasonable compensation." [...]

Fairground tour with the JU

Next weekend, the annual Herbstkirmes in Bocholt begins ?? the biggest event highlight in Western Münsterland with more than 300 showmen. On Saturday, the 19. October, the traditional fairground tour of the Junge Union (JU) Bocholt takes place again. For this purpose, JUler from the entire district Borken meet to stroll about the fair together. Furthermore […]

Quik at the Junge Union

Next Friday, the 11. October, the Junge Union (JU) Bocholt meets for their next active circle meeting. As a guest, the JU members will be able to welcome Charlotte Quik, Member of the Landtag and vice-chair of the Committee on Family, Children and Youth. Together they want to exchange views on state politics. The session begins at 19: 30 pm at the CDU [...]

Holiday church in the apostle church on the 13.10.

Next Sunday, 13.10.19, will take place as part of the "holiday church" of the Evangelical Church Bocholt, the service in the Apostle Church, Biemenhorster way 15 in Bocholt. We invite you to join us. The service begins at 11 pm. After the service, the church café invites you to a cozy get-together. On every holiday Sunday during the summer holidays, [...]

CDU application: A care coordinator for Bocholt

The care situation in Bocholt gives cause for concern. This is what the CDU Group is asking for the upcoming council meeting on the 9. October. More and more people would be in need of care in the future. In contrast, however, fewer and fewer people would be there to look after them, writes CDU city councilor Gudrun Koppers in her application. To counteract this development, [...]