JU demands funeral of the brewery project

From the point of view of the Junge Union (JU) Bocholt, the brewery project has died. This is clearly made clear to its chairman Lukas Behrendt. The JU now demands to develop new ideas for the property as quickly as possible. As Behrendt explains, "As District President Dorothee Feller said in May, we as the city of Bocholt can not expect to receive millions in all our major projects. She made it clear that we have to make a decision here. This has fallen with the list of priorities and for the brewery in the list no money is provided. From the beginning, the policy has made the express condition that its possible promotion of the brewery not in competition with other projects may stand. This was clear to all involved at any time. But now we know that such a competition exists. Thus, all previous resolutions are null and void. Politics has given the community foundation its chance. But the project has now died. This must be understood by all parties involved and the plans also be permanently banned. Instead, playing off the brewhouse project against the City Hall rehabilitation and requesting any funds that may be released is an absolute impudence. With any savings Bocholt would rather pay off debts or tackle important projects like the Nordring or the rehabilitation of schools. In fact, a larger venue in Bocholt is quite desirable. But a room financed by public money can not be at any price. As it is now clear, in addition to an annual operating grant of 180.000 Euro, the community foundation also needs an additional investment subsidy from the city in the tens of millions of euros. This demand rejects the Junge Union in all clear. The brewery must not become a million-dollar grave for taxpayers' money, so a clear statement is important at this time. We thank the citizen donation for their ideas and the work done. She has invested a great deal of volunteer dedication and heart and soul. But if millions of dollars of urban money are needed, then politics is responsible for weighing costs and benefits and making a decision ?? Even if it is unpleasant and the end of the brewhouse means. A clear no to urban subsidies is better than constant uncertainty. The administration and all stakeholders must therefore now think about alternatives for the property and its use. A plot of such situation may no longer lie fallow and expire. I am sure that it is very attractive for a new development by a private investor ?? without even a cent of municipal funds. ?? [...]

CDU Bocholt North-West welcomes the completion of the refurbishment of the multipurpose strip on Dinxperloer Straße

Since 2009, the CDU local association Bocholt North-West is engaged in the rehabilitation of the multipurpose strip on Dinxperloer Straße (L 602) between the Bussardweg and the Holtwicker Bach. Since this is a state road, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia is responsible for the construction project. So far, unfortunately, missed the state funds. The good contact of the CDU local association to the Minister of Transport Hendrik Wüst has managed to clarify the need for the rehabilitation of the multipurpose strip. The priority of the measure was upgraded byStreet.NRW and in March 2019 the funds could be provided to the cityBocholt, which was then also charged with the planning and implementation. After just two months of construction, the renovation is completed and the now designated cycle and footpath is released for traffic again. The CDU Bocholt North-West is pleased that the measure could be implemented quickly and without friction and the safety for the cyclists and pedestrians at this point again is guaranteed. [...]

Holiday church in the apostle church on the 21.7. with the St. Daniels Choir from Moscow

On holiday Sunday, 21.7., The holiday church of the Protestant church community Bocholt takes place in the Apostelkirche, Biemenhorster Weg 15 in Bocholt. We invite you cordially. The service begins at 11 o'clock. The service is organized by St. Daniel's choir from Moscow. The choir has landed in Moscow from Dusseldorf and commits to a concert tour. In the service, works from the Russian Orthodox liturgy can be heard. The director of St. Daniels Choir wrote: "The melancholy-dreamy Russian folk tunes and the far-reaching melodies of Russian Orthodox church music In connection with the sight of time-honored basilicas and their beautiful icons, open the door of the mystery of the swirling Russian mind, which is also referred to as the Russian Sea. As the Artistic Director of the St. Daniels Choir, I am deeply convinced that especially the inexhaustible treasure of church music and the study of spiritual values ​​makes it all easier for us to cope with the rigors of the world and of daily life; but above all, God must be at the center of our everyday lives and determine our behavior. "On each holiday Sunday in the summer holidays, a joint service for the entire church in the Evangelical Church community Bocholt alternately in the Apostle, in the Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Hausund in the Christuskirche, respectively celebrated at the usual local times.www.apostelkirche.com <www.apostelkirche.com> [...]

Holiday church of the Evangelical parish Bocholt

Dear worshipers, in the summer holidays it will be our "HOLIDAY CHURCH" again. give. The Presbyterium of the Protestant parish Bocholt has agreed: On holiday Sunday, a joint service for the whole community is celebrated alternately in the Apostelkirche, in the Christuskirche and in the Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Haus, each at the usual local times. For the exact dates and locations, please click on the picture. [...]

Confirmation days at the apostle church

At the beginning of July, the Confirmation Days were held at the Apostle Church, during which the young people engaged in the film The King of Narnia on the first day. The author of the story, CS Lewis, has wrapped up the biblical events around Jesus Christ in a fairytale for children. And so we compare the fairy tale with the statements of the Bible. There were exciting discoveries! On the second day we visited the Münster Zoo. Under the motto ?? Animals of the Bible ?? The young people had to go through the zoo and solve tasks by means of a questionnaire. You had a lot of fun. In the picture, some confirmands watch the demonstration of the ram training in the Münster Zoo. [...]

CDU for water dispensers in schools

Can students in Bocholt soon fill up their water bottles with water dispensers? This beats at least the CDU faction Bocholtvor and asks the administration to examine to what extent this is possible. Very often children and young people drink too little. This is especially true in the hot summer days, as we have last experienced ??, states the CDU City Councilor Barbara Fölting. As the German Society for Nutrition writes, should be provided to the students throughout the entire school day water.Barbara Fölting this: ?? Water is not only significantly healthier than sugary drinks, but as a thirst quencher also best suited. By water dispensers in schools want We make sure that kids drink low-sugar drinks. In addition, using plastic bottles causes less plastic waste. The CDU parliamentary group therefore requests that the administration examine how schools that want it can be equipped with water dispensers. The motion will be discussed at the next session of the city council meeting at the 10. Be in July. [...]

Come on the swing: summer party in the Good Shepherd

Los geht es am 7. Juli, um 10.00 Uhr: Kommen Sie zum Gottesdienst im Park, der von den Chören der Gemeinde St. Josef mitgestaltet wird! Anschließend öffnen die Essensmeile und der Bierwagen, es gibt Brot und Kuchen aus dem historischen Backofen. Und: Unser Haus ist offen für Interessierte, die es besichtigen wollen!Viele weitere Attraktionen erwarten Sie: Heinz Niehaus wird Kräuter und Tomaten zugunsten des Hospizes verkaufen und ein Flohmarkt lädt zum Stöbern ein. Außerdem können Sie sich mit dem Paralleltandem spazieren fahren lassen, eine Massage oder die Aromatherapie genießen. Der ASB-Hundebesuchsdienst und Falknerin Sabine Ehmanns-Kramp sind mit ihren Greifvögeln zu Gast, darunter Uhu Fritz und Waldkauz Waldemar. Die Tanzgruppe des Roten Kreuzes, Kinder der Josefsschule und das Mandolinenorchester Harmonie 1931 e.V. aus Dinslaken-Barmingholten haben ihren musikalischen Auftritt. Auch „Luna“ Sabine Kamps, die Clownin des Guten Hirten, ist wieder zu Späßen aufgelegt.Der Umweltschutz spielt ebenfalls eine große Rolle: Wir setzen beim Fest kein Einmalgeschirr mehr ein! Und wer möchte, kann Speisen und Kuchen in eigenen Behältern mit nach Hause nehmen. Ein Ideenwettbewerb aller Mitarbeiter im Guten Hirten brachte viele Ansätze, um die Ökobilanz unseres Hauses zu verbessern. Dafür verleihen wir auf unserem Sommerfest Preise mit ökologischen Gewinnen. Das Fest klingt mit dem Abendessen aus. Doch vorher können Sie sich noch in der Original-Kirmes-Schiffschaukel wiegen und von Hans Albers träumen. Damen, die Luise heißen, und alle anderen Menschen sind herzlich willkommen zu unserem Fest!Mit freundlichen GrüßenJohannes Tepaße(Heimleiter)Guter Hirte Bocholt GmbH, Karolingerstr. 65, 46395 Bocholt, 02871 – 958 0Amtsgericht Coesfeld, HRB 9154 Institutskennzeichen: 510 550 380Der Gute Hirte Bocholt gehört zur Bischöflichen Stiftung Haus Hall GescherGeschäftsführer: Dr. Thomas Bröcheler, Tungerloh-Capellen 4, 48712 Gescher […]

CDU Seniors Union on a summer trip to the Cologne area, Bad Honnef and the Rhenish lignite mining area

At this year's trip, 47 participants first visited the German Sport University in Cologne. They were welcomed by Professor Ingo Frobröse, head of the Center for Health through Sport and Physical Activity. Afterwards followed a tour of the campus's various sports venues. The next item on the agenda was a visit to the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Cologne-Wahn. Among other things, the guests were given an insight into the training program of the astronauts. On the second day, the group visited the medieval village of Alt-Kaster in Bedburg. In the beautiful park of the Danielshof, the lunch table was set for the participants. Afterwards the introduction into the topic lignite started in the castle Paffendorf. The bus went to the RheinischeBraunkohlerevier. Under expert guidance, the CDU seniors were able to get an idea of ​​the dismantling and the resulting consequences. The end of the trip was a dinner in the wonderful Seeparkhotel in Geldern. The trip was organized by Anton Harks. [...]

This year's tent camp was a great success

This year's tent camp was a great success In the most glorious weather 15 children plus carers struck their tents from29.-30.6.19 in the meadow at the Apostle Church in Bocholt auf.Das this year's tent camp was under the slogan ?? Who are our superheroes? and so was a special highlight the visit to the Poilzeiwache on the program. After the marshmallow crickets and great movement games with guitar music, the children could show off at bedtime on a night walk that they too are little superheroes, and so Bocholt once in the dark experience.www.apostelkirche.com [... ]

Free parking for volunteers in the city center

The Junge Union (JU) Bocholt has set itself the goal of further strengthening the honorary post in Bocholt. She is now demanding that holders of the honor card in Bocholt's city center be allowed to park for free. The JU of the CDU parliamentary group proposed a similar proposal. Michel Fahrland, a member of the board of the Junge Union, explains: "Many Bocholters are volunteers in various associations, counseling centers and other institutions. The voluntary engagement of these people is indispensable for the cohesion and the living together in our society, not only in emergencies, but also in our everyday lives. Therefore, it should be a concern for us, as a thank you for the extraordinary commitment to provide more perks and free offers in the context of the volunteer card, calls Fahrland. He notes: "The free use of parking lots in the city center would serve as a token of appreciation." The Junge Union and the CDU attach great importance to honoring the volunteers' commitment, "LukasBehrendt emphasizes. Chairman of the JU Bocholt and Deputy CDU Group Chairman. That's why we're requesting that the city council check how free parking for volunteer card holders can be made possible. However, it is also important to us that the traffic in the city center is not unnecessarily increased, "explains Behrendt. Similarly, a possible reference to the mobility concept should be examined by the administration. The CDU parliamentary group has accepted the request of the Junge Union in its group meeting him to the next session of the city council meeting at the 10. Bring in July. [...]

On a beer with Minister of Homeland Scharrenbach

On the 5. July is the series of events on a beer with ???? the Junge Union (JU) Bocholt in the next round. From 19: 30 am NRW-Minister of Home Affairs Scharrenbach will be a guest at the Jubocholt café tagwerk, Ravardistrasse 19.??We are very pleased to welcome the second high-ranking guest to a beer this year with Ina Scharrenbach allowed. As Minister for Homeland, Municipal, Building and Equality of North Rhine-Westphalia, she brings many exciting topics to Bocholt. During the event, we want to offer interested young people the opportunity to get to know the minister better and to discuss with her, "explains the chairman of the JU Bocholt , Lukas Behrendt. Registrations for the free discussion event take the JungeUnion until 30. June online at www.ju-bocholt.de. The series of events on a beer with ???? is aimed at interested teens until 35 years. Participation in the event with Ina Scharrenbach is therefore fundamentally not possible for 35 yearlings. [...]

Bocholt celebrates Corpus Christi

Under this motto, many Christians of the three Bocholt parishes of St. George, St. Joseph and Liebfrauen met in the market square in front of the historic town hall on Thursday morning to celebrate the Corpus Christi feast together. Communion children, ministers of all three parishes, flags and banners of various associations and associations, the singers of the church choirs and a brass section contributed to the solemn mood of the service. Afterwards, the Corpus Christi procession took place. She led the worship service through the Neustraße, Casinowall, Schanze, Brückenstraße, St. Georg-Platz to the St. Georg Church, where the Eucharistic Blessing was finally concluded. After that everyone was invited to celebrate with each other. At snack, drinks and live music of the duo "Django Flint", many visitors took the opportunity to meet and talk. First appeared on www.liebfrauen.de [...]

Social list against gravel planting action of the city of Bocholt

The town of Bocholt has applied on the 380 square meter bed in the area of ​​the traffic island Münsterstraße / Lönsstraße limestone gravel, where later flowers are planted.Rainer Sauer, chairman of the Social List Bocholt, and the environmental policy spokesman Torsten Wollberg consider this not a good idea and explain on this: "For Bocholt as a climate community this" gravel planting "has devastating effects. Because it is a question of time, then further gravel front gardens will be created in Bocholt - according to the motto "The city makes it happen". We urge the city to remove the gravel and use natural topsoil instead. Last week, the Council asserted that the city is doing a lot for climate protection. When looking closely, but sometimes looks different. Also, this action is a completely wrong signal and climate protection counterproductive.Furthermore, it states in the message that this is also a citizenship application in preparation, that in future no more ballast stones may be applied to public land. [...]

CDU inquiry on microplastics in Bocholt

What measures could be taken to reduce the burden of microplastics in Bocholt? This is one of several questions that the CDU Group will ask for the upcoming meeting of the Environment Committee at 4. Barbara Fölting, CDU city councilor, explains: "Microplasticity is only moderately degradable. Once released into the environment, the tiny plastic particles are subject to further fragmentation, allowing them to pass through modern drinking water systems. Thus, the small plastic particles also get into the human body, while the health consequences are still unpredictable. Therefore, we should as far as possible urgently avoid that microplastic gets into the environment, Fölting calls. But this is exactly what happens for example through many conventional turf pitches and small pitches. The microplastic granules are flushed through precipitation, wind and abrasion into the sewage system, thus entering the environment. According to the manufacturer, 250 to 4000Kilogramm Mikroplastik are held annually in a modern artificial turf pitch. "Even if a blockage of the artificial turf pitches in Bocholt is currently not a topic of discussion, we should consider how we can protect the environment more ??," Group Chairman Burkhard Weber. The CDU Group would like to know in this context, whether it is the Kunstrasenplätzen and small pitches in Bocholt are systems that reduce the uptake of microplastic particles into water. However, in the case of conventional synthetic turf pitches, questions arise for the CDU as to what eco-friendly alternatives exist, whether the existing artificial turf pitches can be converted and what possibilities exist for reducing the yield of microplastic particles. In addition, the CDU would like to know from the administration whether there are any other sources known in the urban area that exert a load of microplastic particles and by what means the burdens can be reduced here. [...]