CDU demands answers to the Euregiogymnasium

Shouldn't the fire safety defects have been recognized beforehand? Can those responsible at that time still be held accountable today? These are just two of the numerous questions that the CDU parliamentary group asks in connection with the significant fire safety deficiencies in the Euregiogymnasium. In a request, she asked the mayor for answers at the next meeting of the main and […]

Lighting for the bus stop

An unilluminated bus stop on Werther Strasse prompted Lieder Nico Opitz to contact the Bocholter CDU branch West in the middle of last year. The city councilor Michael Wiesmann took up the suggestion of the 18-year-old and then contacted the city administration and the Bocholt energy and water supply (BEW). Recently the bus stop […]

Great harmony at the nomination event of the CDU

With a large majority, the CDU Bocholt presented its candidates for the city council last Saturday. In the Holtwicker Saal, the members voted Elisabeth Kroesen for first place on the reserve list and thus the top candidate. They also confirmed their mayor candidate Thomas Kerkhoff as a joint candidate with the FDP. The chairs for the approximately 100 members present […]

Five Bocholters for the Borkener district meeting

Michael Boland, Michael Hösing, Theo Sanders, Silke Sommers and Christian Stevens: These are the names of the CDU district council candidates from Bocholt. At the representative assembly of the CDU district of Borken last Wednesday in Ahaus, all five were officially nominated as direct candidates for the upcoming local elections. The CDU Westmünsterland chose District Administrator Dr. Kai Zwicker in first place […]

Kerkhoff wants to support plans for the health campus

Thomas Kerkhoff is certain: ?? The idea of ​​a health campus in Bocholt is an exciting and forward-looking project for Bocholt! ?? The Mayor candidate of the Bocholter CDU and FDP clearly speaks out for the plans presented yesterday in the Council and announces his support. With great interest, he had the idea of ​​[…]

Public-private partnerships in Bocholt soon?

According to the Bocholter CDU and FDP, public-private partnerships, so-called PPP models, can offer many advantages for a municipality. At the next meeting of the city council next Wednesday, the two groups will therefore request that the administration examine the feasibility of PPP models in Bocholt. In view of the ever increasing task profiles of municipalities, public-private partnerships are a conceivable […]

New sports hall on Werther Strasse with a glass floor?

The CDU faction Bocholt is talking about a modern sports hall floor for the new building of the sports hall Werther Straße. As in the ball sports arena in Dresden, an innovative glass floor could set new standards. The CDU is now requesting that the feasibility be checked by the administration. Depending on the type of sport, the field-related lines could be integrated into the floor […]

CDU would like to support Bocholt clubs with funding funds

100.000 euros ?? With this sum, the Bocholter CDU parliamentary group wants to create a rescue package for clubs threatened with existence. From this funding fund, clubs are to be reimbursed up to 75 percent of the costs incurred, provided they do not receive any support from the funding provided by the state and the federal government. The CDU is applying for the next […]

Kerkhoff abandons mayoral election campaign

Thomas Kerkhoff, joint candidate for mayor of the Bocholter CDU and FDP, will not enter the local election campaign in the next few weeks. He explained this last Saturday in a video message that he sent to the Bocholter via his social media channels. As the elected mayor, his place was in the city of Gescher during the current corona crisis, according to Kerkhoff. […]

The cycle path on Heutingsweg may continue to be used

The blue bike path sign has disappeared on the Heutingsweg. Many citizens then reported to the Bocholter CDU-Ortsverband Ost. They are unsure whether they are still allowed to use the cycle path on Heutingsweg or whether they now have to drive on the street. The chairman of the CDU local association, Santos Reyländer, clarifies: ?? Cyclists are allowed to free on Heutingsweg […]

CDU cancels all events

The CDU Bocholt cancels all of its events until further notice. This also includes the general meeting planned for next Thursday, at which the CDU applicants for the 2020 local elections should be set up. The CDU chairman Lukas Kwiatkowski on this: ?? The extremely dynamic development regarding the Corona virus moves us all. Currently we have decided to fundamentally all meetings, meetings […]

After funds for stop in Mussum: CDU demands fast electrification

By 500, Deutsche Bahn will invest a total of 2029 million euros in local public transport in North Rhine-Westphalia. At the top of the measures overview, in Tranche 1, is the construction of a new stop in Mussum. The CDU Bocholt welcomes the plans and at the same time demands that the railway line between Bocholt and Wesel must finally be electrified. ?? That the construction of a new […]

Information event on the construction project on Heutingsweg

Next Thursday, the Bocholter CDU Ortsverband Ost invites you to an information event in the Landhaus Knuf. The focus is on the traffic situation on Heutingsweg. Hans Schliesing, Head of the Transport Department of the City of Bocholt, is expected to speak. The event will take place on Thursday, February 6, at 18 p.m. in the hall of the Landhaus Knuf, Heutingsweg 60, […]