Nach In-House-Vergabe: CDU-Parteichef von EWIBO ans Sozialamt „ausgeliehen“

Von BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPER Die Quartiersentwicklung in Bocholt wird strategisch neu ausgerichtet. Dazu soll im Fachbereich Soziales eigens eine auf ein Jahr befristete Koordinierungsstelle geschaffen werden. Den Auftrag erhält im Rahmen einer so genannten In-House-Vergabe die Tochtergesellschaft EWIBO. Wie die Verwaltung auf Anfrage von Made in Bocholt bestätigte, soll Lukas Kwiatkowski den Job bekommen. Kwiatkowski ist […]

Schlägereien, Streitigkeiten, Diebstähle – Erste Zwischenbilanz der Polizei zur Herbstkirmes

Bocholt (ots) Seit Eröffnung am Freitagmittag bis zum heutigen Sonntagmorgen (Stand: 06.00 Uhr) kam es auf der Kirmes zu insgesamt 44 (Vorjahr 66) Einsätzen für die Polizei, davon am Freitag 17 (32) und am Samstag 27 (34). Den Beamten wurden 12 (19) Schlägereien bzw. Körperverletzungsdelikte gemeldet, hinzu kamen u.a. Streitigkeiten, Randalierer, Diebstahlsdelikte (überwiegend Fahrrad- und […]

Mayor Nebelo has to review EWIBO resolutions

The Municipal Authority of Borken County has commissioned Mayor Peter Nebelo to review the legality of EWIBO's decisions and issue an opinion. Only then will she become active herself. This has communicated to the city council Bärbel Sauer from the Social List. The had switched on the municipal supervision. Meanwhile, the FDP and the Greens had filed a complaint against the Council decision [...]

Safely on the way in the honorary office - lecture in the context of the volunteer academy

Insurance coverage, oversight, privacy and prevention are just some of the topics covered by the 28.10. is informed from 19 clock. Anyone who volunteers should do so with good security. Caritas supports volunteers. The information event takes place as part of the "Volunteer Academy Bocholt". Volunteers from all clubs in Bocholt are cordially invited. Johannes Janßen-Kappenberg, director of the Gemeindecaritas and responsible for the coordination of the honorary office, informs active volunteers and interested people about everything that runs in the background of a voluntary work. "Of course, it should be so that everyone is excited for an activity first and finds his place of work. The real work is in the foreground when we talk about volunteering, "he says. But it is also always about volunteering to embed well. Because volunteers make an important contribution to the work of clubs. For them different rules apply than for full-time employees. But they also benefit from many things that apply to full-time employees. Insurance protection and professional support are yours. But they should also know what they have to observe in terms of supervision and data protection. Since not all clubs can train on these topics themselves, the Caritas Association offers a central information event within the scope of the Voluntary Academy Bocholt.When and woMontag, 28.10.2019, 19: 00-21: 00 Clock, Caritas Center, Northwall 44-46, 46399 Bocholt , Room 2.37 in 2. First floor, participation is free. Registration makes planning easier. Contact: Johannes Janßen-Kappenberg, <mailto:>, 02871 2513 1118 [...]

Sustainable and regional - business meeting around the apple juice at van Nahmen

Regional products and Germany-wide awareness, tradition and innovation, sustainability and growth: this can go well together. At an entrepreneur meeting, managers and executives from the Rhein-Ruhr region were convinced of this in the fruit shop van Nahmen GmbH & Co. KG in Hamminkeln at the invitation of the employers' association. "That a product, juice from the Lower Rhine, even in the Federal President's Office is used daily [...]

Blockages for tree care work on the Blücherstraße

Bocholt (PID). In the time of Tuesday, 22. October 2019, expected to Thursday, 31. October 2019, tree maintenance work takes place on the Blücherstraße and in the Ziegelheide. In sections, the streets must therefore be fully closed during the day. It is removed deadwood from the standing there beech. The locks only occur during working hours between 7: 30 clock [...]

Tom II (Kroesen) and Nela I. (Spieker) are the new children's prince couple

Tom II (Kroesen) and Nela I. (Spieker) are the children's prince couple of the session 2019 / 2020. Tom comes from Biemenhorst and plays football there. Prince he always wanted to be. Nela comes from a thoroughly foolish family. Great-grandfather, grandfather, and father were, respectively, still active in the 11er Council of St. George's Rifle Club. Mother Inga is a valet ("Olga Spiekerova") and acting Queen of the Georgius-Sagittarius. [...]

"Carnival welds Bocholt fools together"

Prince Fred I. (Krähmer, 59) and Princess Nicole I. (de Ruiter, 50) rule the Bocholt fools in the session 2019 / 2020. Today, the two were presented to the public. Both budding madness had always wanted that. According fast, she said, when asked by the Citizens Committee. Their Seesionsmotto: "carnival welds Bocholter fools together" Both imagine the best even once Fred Krähmer: "Although I was born in Erfurt, but at the tender age of nine months to Bocholt was abducted. Here I grew up going to school. I have played soccer successfully at FC Olympia Bocholt, from youth up to. the seniors. Also, I can say that I was allowed to marry my childhood sweetheart Beate and thus fell for the Bocholt Carnival. She may look back as former Princess Beate the III. Thus, I am more than proud to represent the city of Bocholt as Carnival Prince this year. By your side, your loveliness Nicole I. rules and we will have a great session. In this sense, a threefold strong Bokelt HELAU Your Prince Fred I. "Nicole de Ruiter:" I am thrilled to be the new carnival princess. Since my birth 1969 I live in Bocholt. Because it really is like this: Nörgens bäter as in Bokelt. Even though my two daughters have meanwhile swarmed out into the wide world. My boy lives in Berlin and is a journalist there, my little one is currently working as an au pair in Seattle, USA. Professionally, I have been working at the Federal Employment Agency since 1995, where I supervise employers. In my spare time, I spend many happy hours with friends, on the tennis court or even with my heart's soul: the FC Schalke 04. I'm looking forward to a great carnival! "[...]

Car detects pedelec driver

Bocholt (ots) - An 77 year old pedelec driver injured herself in an accident on Thursday in Bocholt. The Bocholterin was traveling against 14.45 clock on the bike path on the Alfred Flender Street. When an 40-year-old motorist from Kleve wanted to drive from a parking lot onto the road, she overlooked the two-wheeler.

Cash stolen from restaurant

Bocholt (ots) - In a restaurant in the city center of Bocholt unknown persons invaded in the night to Tuesday. The perpetrators had forcibly gain access to the market spaces by levering the front door. Inside, the strangers broke the cash and stole cash. The police asks for clues to the [...]

VHS and FaBi travel to the first museum for migration

As part of the intercultural week, the VHS offers a day trip to the first Documentation Center and Museum on Migration in Germany eV, or DOMiD for short. DOMiD is on the way to become the central migration museum in Germany and this is the title of this visit: A central migration museum is emerging and opening its doors DOMiD is working to bring together [...]