e.GO Life uses components made in Bocholt

e.GO Life uses components made in Bocholt

With the steadily increasing number of electric vehicles on the market, automotive components are increasingly in demand for components that make the car lighter and quieter. As a proven specialist in the production of acoustically effective components, the Bocholt-based automotive supplier Borgers has been using the trend towards electric mobility for years and already equips a whole range of e-vehicles from different brands and manufacturers with its products. The most recent example of this is the e.GO Life, which was developed by an electric car manufacturer from Aachen as a "city car for everyone" and is currently considered the cheapest electric car in Germany.

As part of an extensive order package, Borgers will supply an unusually large number of components for the e.GO Life. In the vehicle interior, these are the floor carpets, headliner, trunk loading shelves and door sills as well as trim parts for the A-pillars. An acoustic package made up of numerous isolations and dampenings ensures that as few external noises as possible penetrate into the vehicle interior. The scope of supply is rounded off by the textile underbody coverings and wheel arch liners for the exterior. All components were developed in close collaboration with the manufacturer of the Borgers group in Bocholt and are mostly produced at the headquarters.

No electric car like any other

The first e.GO Life were at the 9. May 2019 shipped. The compact four-seat electric vehicle caused quite a stir in the run-up, as it is not built by one of the major renowned car manufacturers, but by the e.GO Mobile AG from Aachen. Founded in the year 2015, the e.GO Life company is realizing its vision of a practical and affordable electric car with a range of up to 150 kilometers, designed especially for short distances and urban living space. The e-vehicle will initially come with a high-voltage electric motor with 60 kW and a 21,5 kWh battery on the market. From the end of 2019, the two variants will follow with 40 and 20 kW and correspondingly smaller batteries. After deduction of the environmental bonus, the cheapest option will be available from around 12.000 Euro - battery included.

In order to be able to offer the city runabout so inexpensively, one goes in new directions in production and development in Aachen: Instead of a self-supporting sheet metal body, the e.GO Life is based on a frame concept with plastic planking, as in a sports car. With this structure, above-average stability and high crash safety are achieved. The outer skin is made of thermoplastic materials, which are already supplied in body color; the painting is omitted. In addition, finished components such as mirrors, door handles etc. are taken over by suppliers rather than redesigned.

Manufacturers rely on Borgers expertise

The increasing trend towards electromobility poses new challenges for automotive manufacturers and suppliers. Although electric cars are generally quieter due to the omission of the internal combustion engine, the external noise generated in the interior, for example by the wind, splashing or rolling of the tires, is noticeably more intense in the interior. In addition, especially the lightweight construction of electric cars is of particular importance, because the less the vehicle weighs, the greater its range.

As a specialist in the production of particularly lightweight and acoustically effective components Borgers benefits from this development: "A number of significant orders - from VW, Audi or Porsche to BMW and Mini to Opel or Chevrolet - proves that our product portfolio for the special Requirements of electrically driven vehicles ", says CEO Werner Borgers. "It is an exciting and educational experience for us to use this know-how in a very dynamic development project with a start-up company that is breaking new ground. The e.GO Life is a success story - and we are pleased that Borgers can contribute to it. "

About e.GO Mobile AG

The e.GO Mobile AG became 2015 by Prof. dr. Günther Schuh founded as a manufacturer of electric vehicles. On the RWTH Aachen campus, more than 450 employees use the campus's unique network of research facilities and approximately 360 technology companies. Agile teams work on a variety of cost-effective and customer-focused electric vehicles for short-haul traffic. The serial production of e.GO Life started in March 2019 in the new e.GO plant in Aachen Rothe Erde. www.e-go-mobile.com

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