Use by helicopter and lifeboat on Lake Aasee

Use by helicopter and lifeboat on Lake Aasee

The Bocholt fire brigade was alerted about a water accident at Bocholt Aasee at around 00:17 a.m. A soaked person was found by young people on the bank area. Due to an unclear situation, the Bocholt fire brigade searched the Aasee for more people. For this purpose, two firefighters with water rescue suits were used in the bank area and two lifeboats on the water. At the same time, a police helicopter searched the area from the air using a thermal imaging camera. Fortunately, there was no other person in the water. The DLRG OG Bocholt was also alerted to this mission and was on site. The multi-purpose boat of the Bocholt fire brigade, which was put into service on Wednesday, was used for the first time. At the same time there was a parallel deployment to which the volunteers from the Bocholt fire brigade were deployed.

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