Electrification of the railway line: CDU faction calls mayor to action

Electrification of the railway line: CDU faction calls mayor to action
CDU Bocholt

At the end of 2019, it should actually be completed, the electrification
the railway line between Bocholt and Wesel. But this goal has been around for a long time
no longer feasible. According to now available information is coming to an end
2021 no longer with the commissioning of the electrified line too
expected. The CDU faction in Bocholt City Council is now demanding mayors
Peter Nebelo is urging to become more involved in electrification
use. Your use for electrification must be quite
to be intensified ??, group chairman Burkhard Weber and
Heinrich Welsing (CDU), Chairman of the Economic Development Committee,
in an open letter to the mayor, which she received yesterday, Thursday
personally handed over.

That the electrification according to current information at least
delayed two whole years until the end of 2021 is maximum unhappy ??, shows
Burkhard Weber is disappointed. I feel that the
Electrification of our railway line with those responsible of the
German Rail does not enjoy high priority. It must therefore be the task of
Mayor, to emphasize again and again how important the
Electrification for all Bocholter is. But this commitment to the
At the moment we can not recognize citizens?
CDU parliamentary group leaders continue.

From the point of view of the Bocholt CDU parliamentary group, the project must be
but above all the mayor, have the highest priority. ??The
Electrification of the railway line and the associated direct connection
from Bocholt to Dusseldorf by a wing train operation bring for Bocholt
and the region has clear advantages. The better connection to the
Regional traffic in the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr (VRR) and Zweckverband
Public transport Westfalen-Lippe (NWL) and the long-haul network does not bring
only commuters time and comfort benefits. Also the attractiveness of Bocholt as
Residence, shopping city and place for leisure time would be through this
Significantly increase electrification ??, explains Heinrich Welsing.

The CDU parliamentary group therefore considers it imperative that the DB Netz, the
VRR and the NWL the urgent need for electrification significantly
do. The policy and administration should work together for the Bocholter
Respect concerns and use all possibilities, the requirements of
Electrification to emphasize again and again. The mayor has to go here
lead and consistently act. But unfortunately we have the impression
and this is also confirmed to us by supraregional places that yours
Use for electrification must certainly be intensified. We
help where we can, mouthpiece but in this case you need as
Mayor ??, Weber and Welsing write addressed to Peter Nebelo.
You therefore call for mayor Nebelo ?? in the name of all Bocholterinnen and
Bocholter, all commuters ?? urgent to finally act.

At the next Council meeting, the CDU faction awaits the mayor
an appropriate progress report.

CDU Bocholt

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