Contrary to the forecast: Bocholt's population remains stable

Contrary to the forecast: Bocholt's population remains stable

Bocholt (PID). The State Statistics Office (IT.NRW) published the latest population statistics as of December 31.12.2019, 2018 *. According to these statistics, Bocholt can maintain the population and even increase it slightly - contrary to the forecast from XNUMX. The office for future and strategic questions has now communicated this to the city of Bocholt.
“According to the forecast published last year until 2040, a shrinkage of 1 inhabitants was forecast for the period up to January 2020, 300. In contrast, a slight increase of around 100 inhabitants has been achieved in the past two years, ”explains Sascha Terörde, head of the strategy office of the city of Bocholt.
As of December 31, Bocholt had 71.036 (2017), 71.099 (2018) and 71.113 (2019) citizens.
Create living space
Like the entire district of Borken, the city is developing differently from the forecasts. This is mainly due to immigration, since the natural population development has a negative balance. It can therefore be interpreted as a sign that the 2022 housing program is having an effect. "With more living space that will be created in the next few years, we want to keep this trend, if not even try to increase the population slightly, by offering better housing," said Bocholt's head of construction, Daniel Zöhler.
Counteract shrinkage
The city of Bocholt's motto is to oppose the forecast demographic development and not to accept the predicted shrinkage that will increase from 2020 onwards. “In the medium term, the infrastructures would otherwise have to be adapted to the declining population. This would also result in cuts in many social issues such as culture and education. That is why we have been working against this trend for years, ”explains Mayor Peter Nebelo about the effects of a declining population.
* Source: IT.NRW ( )

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