Appointment certificate for new Vicar General Dr. Winterkamp

Appointment certificate for new Vicar General Dr. Winterkamp
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The former pastor of Liebfrauen and dean of Bocholt-Rhede-Isselburg, dr. Klaus Winterkamp, ​​is about to take office as the new Vicar General of the diocese of Münster. As part of a Holy Mass in St. Paul's Cathedral and a reception for staff members of the diocese, he received his appointment certificate from Bishop. Felix Genn. At the same time Genn passed the former Vicar General Dr. Norbert Köster. Köster leaves his post at his own request and will return to his profession as a church historian. The change joins the 1. October in force.

His sermon during Mass was developed by the bishop from the daily reading. The text from the book Kohelet is about the sense of what is "on it", what is important in the current moment. In doing so, the writer looks beyond the earthly existence and implies that God gives eternity in everything that man does in his transience.

As Vicar General Norbert Köster had an inner sense for what was "in" and had put all his effort into it. "His actions and plans were always in a spiritual context," the bishop said. He was confident that Klaus Winterkamp also feel what is in the diocese of Münster "turn".

The current difficult times for the church in the sense of the Book of Kohelet "a time of losing and seeking". Such a time also experience Jesus Christ in the Gospel of the day and ask the disciples in the middle of this search, for whom they held him. "This question is for us present, and only with Jesus Christ as the Savior on whom we rely, we know that we are on our way," the bishop said.

His successor Winterkamp joined the wishes of the bishop for a good cooperation. With a wink, he stated: "We are two very different types - we will complement each other perfectly.

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