Again serious traffic accident with two seriously injured in Hamminkeln -

Again serious traffic accident with two seriously injured in Hamminkeln -

Once again there was a serious traffic accident against 14.20 on Isselburger Strasse (B 473). Here, two people suffered serious injuries.

An 52-year-old man from Dülmen drove the B 473 from Bocholt towards Wesel in a truck. Shortly before reaching the street At the windmill, according to initial findings of the police, the small car of an 29-year-old Gelderner came to meet him on his lane. Despite the evasive maneuver of the truck driver, the car collided laterally against the rear of the truck. Subsequently, both vehicles came to the adjacent green strips and came to a halt there.

While the truck driver was taken seriously injured with an ambulance to a local hospital, a rescue helicopter landed for the perilously injured car driver, with whom the man was flown to an emergency clinic after emergency medical care.

The amount of property damage incurred can not yet be quantified.

For the initial care of the injured, the accident recording and the evacuation of the accident site, the federal highway 473 had to be closed again between the streets An der Windmühle and Ringenberger Straße. The diverting measures of the police are still ongoing.

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