Volksbank Bocholt's first digital trainee trade fair well attended

Volksbank Bocholt's first digital trainee trade fair well attended

The trainee fair of the Volksbank Bocholt eG did not take place this year on the premises of the Volksbank, but on the PC, tablet or smartphone. Also for the first time, the training and career event extended over two days. On September 11th and 12th, interested young people were able to find out more about training positions, internships and further training.

It is still not easy for adolescents and young adults to find a job that suits them. At the apprenticeship fair of Volksbank Bocholt eG, companies from the region presented themselves from different areas in order to provide information and thus to offer support in choosing a career. Good certificates have long since ceased to count; other requirements also play an important role in the selection of the right apprenticeship occupations.

There was a well-filled online database to get an idea of ​​the various training occupations or to find out more about school-based training and further education opportunities. If you wish, you could start a conversation at this year's digital trainee fair directly over the phone or the Internet. It was clear from the beginning that the fair should take place this year, despite Corona, albeit in a different form. The result was the desire for a digital alternative that should meet the zeitgeist.

More than 90 exhibitors took part in the fair and for the first time presented themselves and their training professions to young people in a purely digital and clear manner. For this purpose, a database was created in which all data on the exhibitors, the contact persons and the training courses are stored. In addition, many exhibitors presented films in order to present themselves with moving images.

With regard to the adjusted access numbers of the AZUBI trade fair web app, it can be seen after the trade fair that the access numbers of digital visitors are higher than those of the visitors at the last in-person trade fair. According to the exhibitors, direct contact via telephone, video chat and e-mail was limited on both days of the fair. The companies hope to receive applications and further contacts with those looking for training and further education in the next few weeks.

The access to a limited online recruitment test that was only free on the measurement days was well received.

The Volksbank Bocholt trainee trade fair team would like to thank the companies and training institutions for their great commitment to the first digital trainee trade fair in Bocholt. In response to multiple requests from schools, companies and young people, the highly praised web app of the AZUBI trade fair will continue to be activated at www.vb-bocholt.de/azubimesse <file://///sdslnas1/Werbe/Bernd/SICHERUNGEN/Laufwerk%20D%20bis%2015012019/Daten%20Desktop/TO%20DO%20neu/www.vb-bocholt.de/azubimesse>.

The organizers hope that the AZUBI fair can take place again next year as a face-to-face fair in the main office of Volksbank Bocholt, enriched by the digital part.

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