Europe - curse or blessing? You have the choice!

Europe - curse or blessing? You have the choice!

Bocholt (EUBOH). 42 students of the European School "Mariengymnasium Bocholt" will present their exhibition "Europe - The Curse or the Blessing?" At the Bocholt Kunsthaus. You have the choice! ". On Europe Day, the 8. May 2019, this exhibition was officially opened by Deputy Mayor Hanni Kammler and Headmaster Wilfried Flüchter. The exhibition is a contribution to the NRW Europe Week 2019 and is sponsored by the State Chancellery.
The elaborate sculptures with appropriate interpretations are still up to the 26. May 2019 in the Kunsthaus, Easter Street 69, 46397 Bocholt, to see. The opening times of the house are:
Tuesday - Saturday: 14 - 17 clock
Sunday: 11 - 13 clock and 15 - 18 clock
Admission is free.
Brainstorming for exhibition theme
As with the previous projects, the students brainstormed on the three topics of the NRW European Week Competition in several stages. The result had to fit in with the theme of the "Europe - valuable design" competition. The title of the current exhibition "Europe: Curse or Blessing - You Have the Choice!" Was developed during this brainstorming session. The idea had the student Jamira run.
Sculptures show values ​​and symbols of Europe
Based on the question of which values ​​are currently of particular importance for life in the EU, the connection to ancient Greece was present to young people. The students quickly realized that we owe much of today's European values ​​and even the name of Europe to ancient Greece.
Many sculptures in the exhibition are reminiscent of this time. The bull, symbol of Europe, is there almost life-size. An antique vase with many broken pieces symbolizes that the first ballots in ancient Greece consisted of potsherds. A replica tank demonstrates what it means when values ​​such as peace, freedom and justice could be in ruins. These and many other examples show how intensively young people have dealt not only with the creation of works of art, but also with European ideas and values.
"Europe is your future!"
Wilfried Flüchter explained in his greeting how the Mariengymnasium works as a European school. "We are an open school, we are open to European thinking, and we ask ourselves what we have about Europe, what brings us Europe - especially for the young people," says Flüchter. He addressed the specific European challenges that are currently emerging economically, politically and culturally in Europe. "Europe is your future!", He appeals to the young people. Special thanks went to Daglef Seeger, who led the project as a teacher of the Art Department.
The deputy mayor also thanked the students for their commitment. "When I see this youth," says Kammler, "I'm not worried about the future of Europe2"
The exhibition is organized by the Mariengymnasium in cooperation with the City of Bocholt - European Office in the Department of Culture and Education, the Europe-direct Information Center Bocholt, the Europa-Union Bocholt eV, the LWL TextilWerk and the German-British Society Bocholt eV

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