European Union Chairman Election: "We need the EU - and the EU needs us!"

European Union Chairman Election: "We need the EU - and the EU needs us!"

"Europe Day is a reason to celebrate! The 9. Mai reminds us of what we have achieved together in Europe, "says Peter W. Wahl, regional and district chairman of the European Union NRW / Bocholt. "Today we are no longer Germans alone, but also citizens of the EU. That brings us many advantages, "says Wahl. "Unlike the 9. May 1950, when French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman laid the foundation stone for European unification in his famous speech, today we look back over 70 years of peace with our neighboring countries. As EU citizens, we have the right to live, work or study anywhere in the EU. We also have a strong voice in European legislation with the European Parliament, "Wahl said.

But with all the joy there is also much cause for concern. What seemed unthinkable just a few years ago now threatens to become reality: the destruction of the European Union from within. Nationalism and populism are spreading in Europe again. "We citizens are the only ones who can stop these developments, each and every one of us," emphasizes Peter W. Wahl. You could do a lot. "Make use of your right to vote and vote for a pro-European party. Hold against it, if you encounter prejudices and people speak derogatory about the EU, "recommends election.

Of course everyone has the right to criticize political decisions. That is important in a democracy. A fallacy, however, would be to abolish the democratic institutions in which these decisions are taken. It would be better to vote for political representatives who actually represent their own interests. "In the search for the right party, a look at the electoral programs and the election O-Mat to the European elections of the Federal Agency for Civic Education helps," advises the European Union, the State Chairman and invites to commitment. "Advertise in the circle of friends and acquaintances for participation in the European elections and engage in partnership associations, in non-profit organizations and of course also in us in the Europa-Union Bocholt eV. Let us work together for a peaceful, free and democratic European Union! Today on Europe Day and in the future! "

As part of their nationwide #EuropaMachen campaign, the state and district associations of the non-partisan European Union Germany (EUD) and its youth association Young European Federalists (JEF) are organizing campaigns for the European elections. The next event of the Europa-Union-Bocholt will take place together with the EDIC - Bocholt at the 16-05 in the Europa-Haus as "publinc-viewing" (ZDF).

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