EWIBO expands KiTa St. Anna Spork

EWIBO expands KiTa St. Anna Spork

Bocholt. Great joy among children, parents and educators in the Spork district: The day care center St. Anna has been extended. It now has a craft and exercise room, also the kitchen was enlarged. As more and more children took up the offer of the midday care - with common food - to take up, the space in the two-grooming daycare became scarce. To meet the growing needs, the development and operating company of the city Bocholt (EWIBO), the facility management and the department of youth and culture planned an extension of the building.

In addition to the necessary expansion of the kitchen, a craft room and a movement room were created. The floor-to-ceiling windows of the annex provide plenty of light and a friendly atmosphere. In the course of new safety regulations, there is also an external staircase that serves as an escape route. The remodeling around the building resulting from the renovation is matched with appealing planting and not only looks good, but also fulfills the practical purpose of creating a clean access to the interior. The extension was planned by EWIBO architect Heinz-Jürgen Konkel.

With the cultivation now completed, the children in Spork will continue to enjoy good housing in the future, with the focus being on optimizing their children's development, the EWIBO announces.

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