Explosions in Beirut: THW sends SEEBA to Lebanon

Explosions in Beirut: THW sends SEEBA to Lebanon
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Bocholt / Beirut; After serious explosions in the Lebanese capital Beirut on Tuesday, the Technical Relief Agency (THW) dispatched its first forces last night. On behalf of the federal government, a team from the Rapid Deployment Unit Salvage Abroad (SEEBA) and an embassy support team left for Lebanon. THW Vice President Sabine Lackner said goodbye to the 50 emergency services at Frankfurt Airport: “On site, our emergency services will, among other things, explore and assess the situation, locate and rescue people who have been buried, assess building damage and support the embassy. I wish all helpers every success - come back healthy. "

There were several explosions in the port area of ​​the Lebanese capital Beirut on Tuesday evening. The energy of the explosions corresponded to a magnitude 4,5 earthquake and was still felt in Cyprus, more than 250 kilometers away. According to current estimates, 4.000 people were injured, around 80 killed and many more missing. "Our experts are well prepared and trained so that they can best support the Lebanese population in coping with the disaster," said Lackner when the team departed.

A long-term helper from SEEBA from the Bocholt | Borken branch is also part of the rescue team. "I gave him our best wishes and we all hope that he and everyone else will return to Germany in good health," said Jan-Bernd Haas, local representative of the local association.

The SEEBA personnel are the specialists for rescue and recovery in disaster areas, for example after earthquakes. Equipped with modern technology and search dogs, the helpers are looking for survivors. The SEEBA forces are ready to take off within a few hours of being alerted. Your equipment is packed in light metal boxes and can therefore be transported in conventional commercial aircraft. The SEEBA was used after the severe earthquakes in Iran in 2003, in Pakistan in 2005 and in Japan in 2011, among other things. In 2017, it was reclassified as a so-called heavy team for earthquakes in accordance with the international framework (INSARAG guidelines) of the United Nations.

In addition to the SEEBA staff, a five-person team also set out to support the German Embassy. The team supports the embassy staff in crisis management. In addition, an expert from the Analytical Taskforce (ATF) and a construction consultant from THW are on site.

Source: THW
Photos: THW / Kai-Uwe Wärner


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