Escape from leveling leads to creative teams

Escape from leveling leads to creative teams

Creativity and finding solutions is an important component in companies - and the basis of every innovation is ideas. That different personalities have to come together in a team to develop the best ideas is a thesis from a technical contribution by Tobias Fastenrath, innovation manager and association engineer at the entrepreneurs' association.
“Paying attention to the heterogeneous composition of teams increases the likelihood of ideas and solution formation considerably. Because diversity in teams reduces the risk of stable group patterns that make creative ideas more difficult. Or to put it simply: harmonic systems are stupid systems, ”said Fastenrath in the article. He bases this assumption on the thesis that the brain needs three elements to get creative: excitation, evaluation and problem solving. "The learning principles of the brain are transferred to team building and deliberately unstable phases are created," says Fastenrath. It makes no difference whether a radically new idea or a common solution arises in the end. The "escape from leveling" is important.

The article was published in the book “Managing ideas successfully”. “Especially in medium-sized companies, the innovation manager is the link between corporate management and technical innovations. Innovation managers are well advised to pay attention to such framework conditions in order to exploit the potential, ”explains Fastenrath, who trained as an innovation manager at the Middle Rhine Management Center and has been strengthening the team of the entrepreneurs' association as an association engineer since last year. His area of ​​responsibility is diverse. In addition to innovation management, this also includes process optimization for working and operating hours, remuneration systems, job evaluation, data determination and the calculation of the profitability of companies. "Another focus is occupational health and safety," explains Fastenrath.

Tobias Fastenrath studied industrial engineering at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences. The 37-year-old was born in Mönchengladbach. After working for a large international company and another employers 'association, he now brings his focus, such as occupational health and safety, to the employers' association. Fastenrath also offers seminars in the HOUSE OF ENTREPRENEUR.

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