Community and cohesion: Junge Union looks back on a successful year 2019

Community and cohesion: Junge Union looks back on a successful year 2019
Young Union Bocholt

The Feuerzangenbowle ?? the Christmas party of the Junge Union (JU) Bocholt ??
traditionally takes place on December 23. So did the past
Monday again numerous active and former students as well as friends of the
Young Union found in the premises at Salierstrasse 1. With
The Feuerzangenbowle was as well visited as over 50 guests this year
never, reports JU chairman Lukas Behrendt. That has one too
Reason: The largest and oldest political youth organization in Bocholt was able to
look back on a very successful year 2019.

Three ministers visited the Junge Union this year alone. Around 150
Youngsters had come over in March to talk to Jens Spahn
To discuss health policy. ?? The great interest in our
Event with Jens Spahn made us very happy. The rush was like that
great that we even change the location at short notice
Jannick Behrens, press officer at the local JU, looks back.
During the discussion, the numerous young people bombed the
Federal Minister with questions. This clearly made the discussion enjoyable.
Then a prospective nurse summed up: “It was cool to be with
to be able to talk to the minister. He was much looser than I thought. ??

Only six months later, six police vehicles secured them
Ravardistrasse and the Café Tagwerk. Because NRW Interior Minister Herbert Reul is
?? like his cabinet colleague Ina Scharrenbach a month earlier? the
Invitation by the Junge Union to Bocholt followed. Many of those present
Young people who traveled to Bocholt from all of North Rhine-Westphalia
training with the fire service or police. Reul reported on his
Zero tolerance policy against crime. The applause from the local boys
Union was certain.

At this point, Interior Minister Reul also praised the efforts of the Young Union
Bocholt for more security. She spoke a few weeks before his visit
Youth organization advocates a safe Ravardiviertel concept. By
the JU wants to strengthen the feeling of security on Bocholt's nightlife
and avoid conflicts if possible. It was like that at the end of the year
far and the JU proposal was put to the vote in the city council. ?? With votes from
Our application was accepted by the CDU and FDP. The city administration is now a
Develop the corresponding concept ??, says JU chairman Lukas

However, the Safe Ravardiviertel concept was not the only application made by
JU this year. For example, the youth organization spoke for
a sustainability award. It also requested that owners
Parking the volunteer card in downtown Bocholt free of charge. ??I
believe that we should strengthen volunteering as a society.
That many volunteers even during their voluntary work in the
Downtown still have to pay parking fees, I find it even more unfair ??
says Michel Fahrland, who recently joined the JU. ?? With the boy
I told Union about my idea. Before I knew it, it became
wrote an application that was approved by the city council. It's nice too
see that you can really make a difference in the JU ??, says Fahrland.

Just like Fahrland, many new young people found it this year
Way to the Junge Union. One of them is Isabelle Heinrich. ??I think
It's great that you learn a lot about politics at the JU and a lot of new people
get to know. Every other Friday we meet to talk about both of us
Exchange politics and have fun together. At the JU there is
a real community ?? she reports. That is also the recipe for success of
JU, as its chairman Lukas Behrendt emphasizes: ?? The Young Union connects
the seriousness of politics with fun and sociability. First we discuss
political issues from local to federal politics
afterwards go partying together in Ravardistraße. ??

The many new members were also able to join the board work
be included. Because this year the JU elected a new board.
The chairman Lukas Behrendt was unanimously confirmed in office.
In addition to him, 30 other JUler are on the board. ?? This is ours
Board probably bigger than some other political ones
Youth organization, Behrendt jokes.

However, the new elections of the JU board were not the only ones in this
Year. The newly elected board of the CDU Bocholt owns nine
JU members. He is the youngest board member ever. With Sophia
Kampshoff and Lukas Behrendt also provide two of the four
deputy chairman. They also belong to a long time
again two members of the JU Bocholt to the district board and with Jannick
Behrens has also been a member of the executive board of the
Represented CDU district Borken. So with the past elections we can
be completely satisfied ?? says Behrendt.

However, the JU chairman was also pronounced overall in 2019
satisfied: ?? It was a very successful year for us. Now ours goes
Looking to the year 2020. We will do everything we can to
that Thomas Kerkhoff becomes mayor. The JU is convinced that he
is the right one for Bocholt. In addition, five JUler are exhibiting
our ranks for election next year for the city council and district council. Also
we will support them wherever possible. Because JU means community
and cohesion! ??

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