Gold acts like an airbag for every fortune

Gold acts like an airbag for every fortune

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Financial expert Olaf Däcke is convinced: “Gold is money. And especially in crises, the precious metal works like an airbag for every asset. ”The boss of Bocholter EVB-Vertriebs KG is currently registering a real run for gold. Reason: The corona crisis and the resulting economic uncertainties make investors nervous. All the more in demand is the currency, which is the only currency that has never completely lost its value in human history.

The course rises. "Gold has increased by 25 percent in the past twelve months," explains Olaf Däcke. However, there is no end in sight for the ascending curve. Experts believe that the trend will continue for some time.

The Bocholter advises entering the precious metals market. Gold has only one function: it serves to protect wealth. That is why an addition to assets is simply indispensable, says Däcke.

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