“Heimatbrief” in the Borken district has a new look

The “Heimatbrief” of the district of Borken, which appears quarterly, bundles numerous articles on interesting topics from the Heimatverein and the Westmünsterland: reports, stories and poems in High and Low German. The office of Heimatpflege in the district of Borken, which is located in the cultural department of the district administration and is based in the cult Westmünsterland in Vreden, has been issuing the “Heimatbrief” in cooperation with the district home nurse and the editor Walter Schwane since 1986 . The current brochure has now been sent for the first time with a new, fresh layout to individuals, home associations, hospitals, schools as well as retirement and nursing homes, among others.
Despite the corona pandemic, there is a lot to report: "Readers can look forward to a total of 96 modern pages with interesting content," emphasizes district home nurse Christel Höink. "Issue 263 - January to March 2021 includes a review of last year's Heimat Prize from the Borken district, a brief presentation of the newly elected district home maintenance committee, news from the Heimatvereine and the cult Westmünsterland as well as news from museums and cultural activities", calls district director Dr. Ansgar Hörster some examples of topics. "We are sure that the 'Heimatbrief' with its new design will continue to delight numerous interested readers and thus attract a lot of attention to our active homeland care in the Borken district," he adds.

Further information on the free brochure is available from the district home maintenance office on Tel. 02861 / 681-4281, e-mail u.brandt@kreis-borken.de or Tel. 02861 / 681-4283, email a.boeing@kreis-borken.de. It can also be ordered there. The home letter can also be viewed on the website of kult Westmünsterland: www.kult-westmuensterland.de/kult/heimatpflege/heimatbrief.

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