Help with applications

Help with applications
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How do I find a job? A very important question, because when I work, I can earn money, and that's what I need for shopping or living. The adult education center in Bocholt (VHS) helps to create conditions to find work. There you can find out your own competencies. And you can learn how the job market works, how job offers are properly understood, how to apply to a company and write their CV, and how to conduct a job interview with a company.
The word application includes another word: the word advertising. Advertising is known on television and in newspapers. For example, a company advertises new clothes for the summer. A supermarket writes every week in the newspaper about the particularly good and cheap food he sells. With beautiful words and pictures the reader should be convinced to spend his money only for this offer. When advertising is promised even more, such as freedom, beauty, health. For example, through language and images, the impression should be made: when you buy this vegetable, you live healthy. Or: If you buy a certain car, then you have won the freedom.
The application is about advertising for yourself, presenting your person and your workforce very well. The future boss should get a good impression. He should think that one fits really well to the enterprise. If that succeeds, you will be invited to an interview.
What belongs to an application?
- photo. It should be a good photo, if possible made by a photographer. The application photo shows the face and shoulders to the chest. In the photo you wear good clothes that releases little skin and looks very well-groomed.
- Write to. The cover letter shows who you are and what you can do. The employer only becomes convinced when it is described that what one can do is important for the company.
- Resume. The curriculum vitae shows in chronological order which schools have been visited, which degrees have been obtained and which periods of employment have been completed in other companies. It should be clear which tasks have been fulfilled.
- certificates and references. If certificates and references are available, copies of them are attached to the application.
- application folder. There are special folders for applications that can be bought at the stationery store. The paper for application documents should be of good quality. The font should be easy to read.
More information on this topic is available at the Volkshochschule (VHS) in Bocholt, Southwall 4a, under and by e-mail:


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