Historical walk through the Fildeken-Rosenberg

The current pandemic means that many actions in the Fildeken-Rosenberg district cannot take place - including the popular quarterly walk in the district. The good news: In cooperation with makerspace.bocholt, the open creative and technology workshop, the neighborhood management is organizing a historical, digital city walk through Fildeken-Rosenberg.

Under the motto “Fildeken-Rosenberg and a look back”, historical photos and stories are placed in various locations in the quarter, which are hidden behind QR codes in public spaces. The signs are placed at a total of 15 stations in the district. A detailed overview is available online at www.fildeken-rosenberg.de or in the QuartiersHaus at Saarstrasse 33. Equipped with a smartphone or tablet, you can experience the walk on your own from May 1, 2021 and learn something about the exciting history of your own neighborhood.

Anyone who has questions, needs support or knows a nice story from the past of the neighborhood can send an email to kontakt@fildeken-rosenberg.de or call Tel. 02871 4769240 or 01523 21765 65 1. The icing on the cake: there is a letter behind every station. The answer can be sent until June 2021, XNUMX kontakt@fildeken-rosenberg.de sent or handed in at the QuartiersHaus Saarstrasse. The winner wins a workshop of their choice at makerspace.bocholt.

The project is funded by the Bocholt Disposal Fund. The disposition fund is funding that is made available by the federal government, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the city of Bocholt as part of the urban development program “Socially Integrative City”. Ideas for projects from the disposal fund are available under fildeken-rosenberg.de/mitgestalten or received in the QuartiersHaus ..

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