Higher fines for garbage sinners in Bocholt?

Higher fines for garbage sinners in Bocholt?
CDU Bocholt

Those who disposed of waste illegally could in the future with significantly higher penalties and
Verwarngeldern must reckon. At least this looks like in the past
Week published, new fine catalog of the country North Rhine-Westphalia
in front. The CDU faction Bocholt now wants to know from the administration if they
plans to raise the penalty and Verwarngelder also in Bocholt accordingly.

Due to the increased use of disposable packaging and disposable cups has
the careless plastic littering also in Bocholt in different places like
for example, the train station, the bus stops, in parks, in parking lots
or on roadsides increased significantly. Every plastic part, whether
Plastic bag, disposable cup or candy paper that is disposed of incorrectly,
gets into the environment, breaks down into smaller and smaller parts and then becomes
MikroPlastik. We have to fight against this development ??
CDU city councilors Barbara Fölting and Thomas Eusterfeldhaus the request.

The revised penalty and custody order catalog gives the responsible
Regulatory authorities to give a decision to punish
Regulatory offenses in the field of environmental protection at hand. That's enough
the new fine catalog of 100 Euro for the unlawful disposal
individual smaller (household waste) items such as
Cigarette butt, disposable coffee cups, paper plates, fruit and
Food leftovers or beverage cans up to 50.000 Euro and more for the
intentional commercial dumping of larger quantities of environmentally hazardous substances
Substances. The previous recommendation for the punishment of such and similar
Administrative offenses ranged from only 10 to 25 Euro.

?? The significantly higher fines and cautions show the garbage sinners,
that society will not continue to tolerate if they carelessly our environment
pollute. Together with adequate controls they could one
effective means against the increasing littering especially through
Show plastic parts ??, explain Fölting and Eusterfeldhaus. Therefor
However, the city administration would have the penalty and Verwarngelder in Bocholt
lift accordingly. Because the new fine and Verwarnungsgeldkatalog is
not binding, but only a recommendation for municipalities that are individual
decide on the amount of the fine.

Against this background, the CDU parliamentary group wants to move from the city administration to the
to know how they related the current situation in the city of Bocholt
assessed for the contamination of public transport areas. also
she asks if the administration intends to take the country's new recommendation
North Rhine-Westphalia to follow and the fine and Verwarnungsgelder in Bocholt
raise accordingly. If not, the CDU would like to know what reasons
speak against this increase.

The request will be subject in the upcoming meeting of the
City Council on 12. Be June.

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