IHK recognition: IBO stall technology trains for the first time

IHK recognition: IBO stall technology trains for the first time

Rhede / Borken district. - With Johannes Pothmann, IBO Stalltechnik GmbH in Rhede is breaking new ground in securing skilled workers. The budding mechatronics engineer from Borken is the first trainee of the company, which has been manufacturing technical systems for agriculture for over 50 years. IBO Stalltechnik was recognized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) of North Westphalia as a training company on behalf of all companies in the Borken district that hired their first apprentice in the current training year 2019/2020.

"I congratulate IBO Stalltechnik GmbH and Mr. Pothmann on their decision," said Ulrich Grunewald, deputy chairman of the IHK regional committee for the district of Borken. With his training, Johannes Pothmann laid a solid foundation for his professional life. "Perhaps you will do further training later. In this way you stay up to date with the latest knowledge and can apply what you have learned to the company, ”Grunewald showed the young man prospects.

The company was also a winner, he congratulated Managing Director Hendrik Terbeck for the decision to train. Those who distinguish themselves as training companies have good cards in their hands in the competition for qualified specialists. Every entrepreneur should make it clear that the demographic change will reduce the supply of skilled workers on the job market. Training is a promising way to attract young people and inspire them for their own company, emphasized Grunewald when the certificate was handed over to IBO Stalltechnik. Training also plays a key role in securing skilled workers in his company. Grunewald GmbH & Co. KG in Bocholt is currently training around 20 young people in the industrial professions of machining mechanics, industrial mechanics, foundry mechanics and technical model builders. "I hope that IBO Stalltechnik motivates even more companies in the Borken district to rely on their own training for young people," continued Grunewald. “The hurdles aren't that high. The training advice of the IHK Nord Westfalen supports companies in preparing for this task. "

IBO Stalltechnik GmbH, with around 25 employees at the Rhede site, develops and produces feeding and conveyor systems mainly for agriculture. IBO has been one of the most renowned companies in its field for years.

"We also feel the shortage of skilled workers. We cannot afford to rely solely on employees who have already been trained on the job market, ”explained partner and managing director Hendrik Terbeck. With regard to the current structural change in agriculture, the company had to be flexible.

Due to rising animal welfare standards and changing consumer wishes, the demand for new products is high. “We have to develop and manufacture these in Germany, quickly and easily, so that we can further expand our technical lead. For this we need specialists who identify with our company. Therefore, we decided to train regularly, ”says Terbeck.

The apprenticeship as a mechatronics technician is tailor-made for this, since skills and know-how from the fields of metalworking, electrical engineering and memory-programmed controls are needed for the manufacture of IBO products. A mechatronic engineer covers exactly this spectrum. Terbeck: “We are very happy that we were able to get Johannes Pothmann to train with us in August 2019. We are very satisfied with him and hope that we can continue to inspire young people for our company in the future. ”

More information about the training advice of the IHK Nord Westfalen: www.ihk-nw.de/ausbildungsberatung <>

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IBO stable technology recognized as a training company (from left): Ulrich Grunewald, deputy chairman of the IHK regional committee for the district of Borken, handed over the IHK certificate to Thomas Günther and Hendrick Terbeck. The budding mechatronic engineer Johannes Pothmann is the first trainee at the Rhed company.

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