Born in Bocholt: Former Diocesan Political Director Ludger Müer deceased

Born in Bocholt: Former Diocesan Political Director Ludger Müer deceased

In times of departure, he was responsible and shaped the development of Caritas in the diocese of Münster for more than a quarter of a century: the morning of the 28. In April, Ludger Müer died at the age of 84 years after a serious illness. When Bishop Heinrich Tenhumberg 1971 appointed the only 36-year lawyer diocesan director, he was the youngest in this function nationwide.

For 27 years he led the fortunes of the diocesan caritas association, accompanied the development and expansion of many new social services and the establishment of Ortscaritasverbänden. He retired 1998; Heinz-Josef Kessmann took over the management of the association.

Born in Bocholt, Müer graduated from the Ratsgymnasium in Münster with 1956 and subsequently studied law and political science in the cathedral city and in Munich. After stations in Berlin and at the Landesbank in Münster, he moved to the Dülmener city administration. There, the then Vicar General Reinhard Lettmann became aware of the deputy of the city director. He recommended him to Bishop Tenhumberg as successor to Canon Heinrich Tellen.

Among the new social services built up in his time were deaf support, debt counseling, homelessness assistance and the integration of mentally handicapped children in daycare facilities for children. As a lawyer, he worked on many social laws and was involved at state and federal level, at times as chairman of the Federal Director Conference of Caritas.

The last years of his tenure were marked by a new challenge. Reductions in the social budget or the introduction of long-term care insurance, which forced the charities' welfare services into competition with commercial providers, required new directions. Ludger Müer faced this, among other things with the founding of the office for nursing rate negotiations.

Heinz-Josef Kessmann certified his predecessor 1998 on the basis of its adoption in August, to be able to build on a solid basis: "The Caritas is prepared for the challenges". The then President of the German Caritas Association, Hellmut Puschmann, recalled his commitment after the reunification in building Caritas in the new federal states. His concern has always been "diversity in unity".

Photo: Ludger Müer at his desk © Caritasverband in the Diocese of Münster

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