Domestic industry sales grew - but a sharp drop in international business

Domestic industry sales grew - but a sharp drop in international business

It was only thanks to strong domestic demand that the North-Westphalian industry continued to develop in the national trend in the first three months of the year. The IHK Nord Westfalen has calculated this based on current state statistics. Growth of almost two percent in domestic sales is offset by a decline of over 14 percent in international business.

The bottom line is that the industrial companies in Münsterland and the Emscher-Lippe region achieved total sales of 9,5 billion euros. According to the IHK Nord Westfalen, that was 5,6 percent less than in the same period last year. The decline is only slightly above the national average (5 percent). In NRW as a whole, both domestic sales (-3,1 percent) and foreign sales decreased (-7,1 percent).

The IHK Nord Westfalen attributes the positive development in domestic sales above all to the food industry, which had also outperformed in the past year. A regional focus lies in the district of Coesfeld, where domestic sales have even increased by 13 percent (NRW +11 percent).

With regard to the industrial balance sheet for the Münsterland region, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce points to a stronger statistical base effect: Last year, overall foreign sales in the Münsterland region rose exceptionally strongly due to a special development in the Warendorf district, so that the current decline is even more pronounced. The current minus in foreign sales amounts to 17,9 percent. Domestic sales increased by 1,2 percent.

It is also striking from the IHK's point of view that the Emscher-Lippe region reacts less strongly to the economic development: here, domestic sales even increased by 3,6 percent, while international sales declined less than in the IHK district as a whole, namely by 4,7 percent. As a result, total sales decreased only slightly, namely by 0,3 percent.

Industrial sales in the first quarter of 2020:

Total sales:
IHK district North Westphalia: 9,5 billion euros (- 5,6 percent)
Münsterland: 6,9 billion euros (-7,4 percent)
Emscher-Lippe region: 2,6 billion euros (-0,3 percent)

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