International Nativity Scene Tour in Dinxperwick starts on December 4th

International Nativity Scene Tour in Dinxperwick starts on December 4th

On Friday, December 4, 2020, initiator Rosi Tuente from the St. Michael Congregation in Suderwick will open the “3. International crib tour in Dinxperwick ”. Until January 6, 2021, visitors can marvel at nativity scenes at 53 locations. The locations are in Suderwick as well as in Dinxperlo and Breedenbroek. A flyer about the route is available in many Dinxperwicker shops and institutions. Those interested can find the crib tour online
The international crib tour took place in 2017 and 2018. After the extremely positive response in recent years, the Dinxperwicker, headed by Rosi Tuente, wanted to keep the concept of the campaign despite Corona. In the run-up to the crib tour, the business people in Dinxperlo in particular were very pleased with the new edition this year. This action throws a spotlight on the efficiency of the stationary retail trade in “Doppeldorf”.
Diversity from all over the world
This year's nativity scene tour offers a large number and variety of exhibits from all parts of the world: from tiny to life-size, from classic-antique to abstract-modern representations. For the first time, cribs from foreign crib builders are shown, who are currently suffering from the corona caused by the cancellation of Christmas markets. Especially with regard to the corona pandemic, the cribs have been set up so that they can be viewed from outside. The Dutch shops “te Kiefte” and “Wereldwinkel” also offer their exhibits for sale to support charity projects in Africa, South America and Southeast Asia.
Fresh air and distance
The crib tour invites families on both sides of the German-Dutch border to be active in the fresh air as part of the small border traffic. The nativity scenes are illuminated in the evening and can be admired until 22 p.m. Of course, both in Dinxperlo and Suderwick, the hygiene and distance rules apply at all exhibition locations. For example, max. 5 people from two households (currently 2 people in the Netherlands), with a distance of at least 1,5 meters and a mask requirement in front of the shop windows and in parking lots.
Great locations in "Dinxperwick"
The nativity scenes with life-size figures at the Surkse Backhus, the Suderwick village square, in the St. Michael church and the youth project yard “Het Liessenhuus” (from December 15, only to be visited after school in an open barn) were carried out on a voluntary basis. It was particularly important for the initiator, Rosi Tuente, to establish illuminated exhibition locations for the many (school) commuters in the mornings and evenings near the central bus station in Dinxperlo - at the “Lindeboom” roundabout. For the first time, the Dinxperloer schools St. Liborius and Schaersvoorde as well as the day care “Grenzlandzwerge”, the youth meeting place “Jukids” in Michaelstreff and the guest house of Lebenshilfe eV take part in the crib tour.
Hare search game on nativity tour
This year the children are invited to find a little wooden rabbit in five cribs. The crib tour flyer is also the entry card for the rabbit search game. Numerous business people have donated beautiful prizes for this. You can take part until January 21, 2021. This year's crib tour is taking place in cooperation with the Department of Culture and Education of the City of Bocholt, the Aalten community and numerous sponsors. The crib tour is supported as a joint cross-border project by EUREGIO as part of the INTERREG program Germany-Netherlands.

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