IT experts discuss mobile work

IT experts discuss mobile work

The 20 IT experts who met at the HOUSE OF ENTREPRENEURS at the beginning of February are familiar with all technical solutions for mobile work: the smartphone in the back pocket, the laptop with access to the office computer, the software with which all tasks are carried out on the go and orders are recorded, and last but not least data protection, so that operational matters remain confidential. "But what about a suitable company agreement?" Asked association engineer Tobias Fastenrath the experts. Or: Which culture must prevail in the company so that mobile work does not burden the employee - and also does not benefit the employee? What do managers have to do so that everyone feels treated fairly?
These are the topics of the youngest IT working group, to which the business association regularly invites its members. The Institute for Applied Ergonomics, ifaa for short, has expertise in the field of mobile work; whose working time expert Veit Hartmann lectured. “Mobile work is more than teleworking and home office. Employees also work on the move, for example when they are working for the customer or are on business trips in the hotel or on the train. ”Because the conditions of these assignments have to be analyzed and designed individually for each company - so there is no 08/15 action concept - recommended Hartmann an ifaa checklist. In addition to practical examples, this contains information on organization and operational processes, data protection as well as working time, place, location,
ergonomics and protection.

Association engineer Fastenrath also advises the members of the entrepreneurs' association individually: “Employers and employees should work together and precisely to deal with the requirements for managers and employees. This is the only way to ensure that everyone is satisfied with the results and the conditions. ”

Tobias Fastenrath succeeds Jürgen Paschold, who has been the engineer of the association of entrepreneurs for twelve years and will soon retire. That is why both took the youngest working group as an opportunity to prioritize future topics. The focus will be on IT / cybersecurity and risk analysis, AI, new work, the new role of IT and legal development. “And we want to network better with one another so that we can also exchange ideas outside of meetings. Of course, there is no way around a digital solution, ”Fastenrath looks ahead. Contact to the association engineer Tobias Fastenrath, Tel: 0203 99367-233, <>

Caption: Organized and designed the youngest IT working group of the Association of Entrepreneurs (from left): Association engineer Tobias Fastenrath, speaker Veit Hartmann, Ingo Berg, chair of the working group, and outgoing association engineer Jürgen Paschold. (Photo: business association)

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