Here in the beautiful Westmünsterland We are very familiar with the respective residential areas and commercial settlements and can therefore assess the local real estate market very well.

If we were to say that we are real estate agents, that would be wrong! We run real marketing, which is modern forms of marketing and advertising techniques served. Real estate marketing also means that we identify with the real estate that we sell or seek for you. We think networked and cooperate with banks and reputable brokerages regionally and throughout Germany.

With concepts for Realization of comprehensive real estate projects we are familiar. You can draw on a business competence as well as an analytical understanding of complex contexts and a well-founded reporting system.

Property marketing by experts

The marketing of real estate requires in addition to an excellent presentation of a special expertise, as well as knowledge in psychology and modern marketing.

With a presentation and advertising tailored to the sale of real estate we can significantly increase the chances of real estate sales and find the right customer for your property.

GRENZLAND real estate - your real estate agent on site

We are there for you in Bocholt, Rhede, Borken, Raesfeld, Hamminkeln, Wesel, Isselburg, Rees, Südlohn, Stadtlohn, Vreden and in Gescher.

We are also active on the right and left lower Rhine and in the Ruhr area for special real estate.

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