Your well-being should unfold in our exhibition and perfect yourself in your newly acquired favorite furniture. We would like to achieve that - with an apt, personal and, of course, expertly competent advice as well as a pleasantly professional implementation. This is our passion to help you to complete your personal retreat. Finally arrive in her private comfortable home.

The final touch: A piece of furniture does not create a home yet. But with atmospheric light, high-quality carpets, beautiful decorations and accessories, we provide a feel-good atmosphere and cosiness. A heart for your favorite pieces. Upholstery, upholstery, sanding - whatever you need to do, we'll make your treasures shine again. Because we know: the mix does it.

Visit us. We look forward to you!

We carry the following brands: arco, ASCO, BIC carpets, BMB, Baxter, BW Bielefeld workshops, Byok, Cierre, Cor, de Sede, Domaniecki, Draenert, Triangle, edra, Extremis, Fey & Co., Flexform, Flos, FSM , Gervasoni, Grisberger, Ideal Form Team, Interlübke, ipdesign, Jab Josef Anstoetz, JAB CARPET, Jan Kurtz, KOOZO, Küppersbusch, Leolux, LONGBARN, minor functional furniture, Montis, Moooi, müller möbelwerkstätten, Pastoe, Piure, riposana, Ronald Schmitt, Redpoint Kitchens, Sahco Hesslein, Sangiacomo, Schönbuch, Schramm, SITS, Soft Seating, Spectral, Spectrum, Trüggelmann, Werther, Yomei

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Osterstrasse 43, 46397 Bocholt, Germany

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