The company was founded in 2011 in Willich with the opening of a Dawanda shop. In the first years, products for birthdays, baptisms or small gifts were made and sold by hand. In 2016, the company headquarters was moved to Bocholt for the sake of love. A year later, the Schmatzepuffer® concept was completely revised. The website was brought online. The name Schmatzepuffer® was registered as a trademark in September. At the same time, the beautiful, pastel-colored products from Little Dutch were added to the online shop. In 2018, new premises with 65sqm were occupied in the Bocholt Schersweide industrial estate. The storage capacity reached its limits after 35 days, so that additional storage space was added. Our customers can currently find around 700 products from more than 25 brands in our online shop. In August 2019, Schmatzepuffer® moved to a hall at Busskolk in Bocholt on 400 square meters of production / storage space.


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Am Busskolk21, 46395 Bocholt, Germany

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