“Job center in the Borken district” introduces e-social files


Another step towards the “digitization” of the district administration and local authorities: The “job center in the district of Borken”, supported by the district and the cities and municipalities, will gradually switch to digital file management (“e-social files”) and digitized incoming and outgoing mail in 2021. In the future, paper files will be a thing of the past for around 280 employees and documents received by post will also be scanned by a central service provider and made available electronically. The change will have a positive effect on around 7.000 SGB II benefit communities, because the digital file will significantly improve service in the future. The steps required for this have been planned and implemented step by step since the beginning of 2019. First, the existing files are scanned and integrated into software. The e-social files are then available at any time with just one click, so that information can be provided more quickly in the future - always in compliance with data protection, of course. The citizens concerned should then generally no longer submit original documents, but copies.

There are also positive aspects for the administration: the submitted documents are destroyed by the service provider after a retention period of eight weeks in compliance with data protection regulations. Outgoing mail is also transferred digitally to a service provider. This takes over the printing, folding, enveloping, franking and delivery. Nothing changes for the recipients. The flood of paper is consequently minimized so that the employees are relieved. The sometimes difficult room situation, which is due to a lack of office capacity, is also relaxed. Overall, the e-social file creates new opportunities for inter-municipal cooperation between cities and municipalities and the district administration. The digital file is only a first step and the basis for further online offers.
The core tasks of the “job center in the Borken district” are carried out independently by the 17 municipalities belonging to the district. The on-site employees are the first point of contact who look after the people. The district administration takes on central tasks. The complexity associated with this form of organization makes a step-by-step approach necessary. All locations will gradually be converted to digital file management. The city of Borken will begin on March 1, 2021, followed immediately by the city of Rhede's job center.

After the job center has been successfully converted, the other departments of the “Social” departments of the cities and municipalities as well as the district administration (e.g. “Help with living expenses” and “Basic security in old age” and “Reduced earning capacity according to SGB XII”) will be sent to the E-social file connected. Overall completion of the project is expected to take place by the end of 2022.

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