YOUNG UNI on tour: New "super powers" courses in Borken

YOUNG UNI on tour: New "super powers" courses in Borken

Bocholt (JUBOH). The German-Dutch joint project of JUNG UNI in Bocholt offers German and Dutch children from 8 to 12 years on Friday, 24. May 2019, and Friday, 14. June 2019, each of 15: 30 to 17 Two "YOUNG UNI in Bocholt on tour" classes in the Jodocus Nünning Comprehensive School Borken, Neumühlenallee 140 in Borken, on the topic "We explore superpowers". The course fee is 2 Euro. Registration required.
The JUNGE UNI goes on tour: In exciting experiments the participants explore the superpowers in the universe, on earth and in humans. They ask themselves specific research questions, such as "How high can you jump on the moon?" Or "How does a drawbridge work?".
At 30 stations, participants can actively explore these and other issues. They are accompanied by expert experts and guided through the stations with a research booklet. The courses are aimed at all students from the age of 8 to 12 years, a first reading is required for editing.
Online registration The number of participants is limited in each case, the places will be assigned after registration. Register now and learn more at .
Background: YOUNG UNI in Bocholt

The Leonardo da Vinci Innovation project is part of the INTERREG program Germany-Nederland and co-financed by the European Union, the Province of Gelderland, and MWIDE NRW.
The "YOUNG UNI in Bocholt on tour" courses are cooperation events of the Borken educational group with the Lernwerkstatt "PhänomexX" and the Junge Uni in Bocholt.

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