Junge Union celebrates the greatest election success in its history

Junge Union celebrates the greatest election success in its history
Young Union Bocholt

The Junge Union (JU) Bocholt met last Friday for theirs
first meeting after the local election. The JU could choose one
perfect election evening. "September 13, 2020 is already
now a historic date ”said JU chairman Lukas Behrendt.

“The CDU won all electoral districts for the city council and the district council
directly. In addition, Thomas Kerkhoff created a sensation. opposite
all expectations, he opposed in the first ballot
seven competitors through, ”continues Behrendt.

But it was not only a successful evening for the CDU. Also the
Junge Union had every reason to be happy. With Lina Henzen, Fabian
Bohland, Julian Kiefmann and Lukas Behrendt ran four JUers for
the city council - and won the direct mandate.

JU chairman Lukas Behrendt explains: “We are particularly pleased
all for Lina Henzen, who succeeded after a strong election campaign
for the first time in over thirty years the Fildeken for the CDU
win. That makes us all very proud. "

In the west of Bocholt, Fabian Bohland succeeded in entering the city council.
Lukas Behrendt prevailed confidently in the east of Bocholt. Had in
In 2014, he was still 36 votes ahead for his entry into the
Having passed the city council, Behrendt now managed to keep his lead over the SPD
expand to a whopping 16%.

In addition to the city council, Christian Stevens is now also a JUler in the
Represented district council. “This brings the Junge Union Bocholt to this election
on a total of five mandates won, ”said Behrendt. In the local elections
In 2014, the Junge Union also had five candidates, from
four of which won a mandate. "Has won five constituencies
the Junge Union Bocholt achieved the greatest success in its history "
reports Behrendt further.

Praise comes from CDU party leader Lukas Kwiatkowski: “I hear everywhere
many good things about the Junge Union. You have a fantastic campaign
made! So you have a significant share in the good performance of
Thomas Kerkhoff and the CDU. ”JU chairman Lukas Behrendt emphasizes:“ It
was a great team effort! "

Now the Junge Union would like to strengthen its content again
dedicate to political work. “It is important to us that we don't just have
Talking about politics, but also actively helping to shape it, ”emphasizes Lukas
Behrendt. “Bocholt is facing major challenges. We are in now
the responsibility to address and resolve them. Besides the big ones
Of course, we also want to implement the things that the
Citizens in our constituencies with us
to have. We also want, of course, as a political youth organization
especially the political interests of the younger generation
represented. We look forward to the challenges ahead, ”said Lukas
Behrendt in conclusion.

With over 400 members, the Junge Union is the largest political one
Youth organization in Bocholt. She has four seats on the city council and
one seat in the district council. Since it was founded in 1947
As the mouthpiece of the young generation, the Junge Union is one of the
driving political forces in Bocholt and can today on a
Looking back on decades of tradition.

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