Cable "Made in Rhede" for the whole world

Cable "Made in Rhede" for the whole world

"Made in Germany" is an international seal of approval for the good quality of German industrial products. “The automotive sector in particular enjoys a worldwide reputation; part of the added value takes place on our doorstep, ”said Jennifer Middelkamp from the regional management of the business association. She had an on-site appointment at Kromberg & Schubert GmbH Cable & Wire - the company has been a member of the Entrepreneurs Association for almost 30 years - with the Rheder Stadtspitze. "With around 200 employees, Kroschu is one of the largest employers in this city - an important factor for Rhede as a business location."

“Made in Rhede” Kroschu produces cables and wires for the automotive industry (e.g. data and sensor lines), especially for the area of ​​e-mobility (high-voltage cables and charging lines) as well as for industrial applications (e.g. medical technology, robotics) , Mechanical engineering) for the whole world. In mid-June, the company management explained what good news is being written here for Rhede as a business location, including a tour of the plant, to Jürgen Bernsmann, Mayor of Rhede, and Jutta Holthöfer-Büse, business development officer.

In the current Corona times, good news from the economy is rather not the order of the day. After a suspected pollutant case occurred at the site at the beginning of the year, it has now been completely invalidated by the district environmental office. However, the global corona crisis has also left its mark on Kroschu. The company is currently struggling with the slump in sales in the automotive industry and the resulting short-time work.

Nevertheless, Kroschu managing director Dr. Martin Greiner has a lot of positive things to say: Our Rheder cables are increasingly being used in electric vehicles. "Our KROcharge portfolio represents a new development in the area of ​​e-mobility. In addition to charging cables, this also includes the associated charging plugs and wall boxes." B. fruit with artisans and a handicapped workshop. Millions have been invested in the machinery and infrastructure in operation at Wiegenkamp in recent years. In addition to the automotive business, sales markets are increasingly being built up in the industrial sector. And recently, the company's own laboratory was also accredited for external plastic testing.

"Anyone who drives BMW, Daimler, Audi or VW also drives with cables made in Rhede," the Kroschu managing director reported to the mayor. An average of four kilometers of cable are already installed in a car, and the trend is rising. In addition, the demands on the lines are increasing, as sales manager Dr. Anne Bremer added: “When we talk about autonomous driving, we need cables that transmit data in the gigabit range. We are currently developing this. ”Another specification, on the other hand, would require high-voltage cables in electric vehicles, which must be heat-resistant up to 200 degrees. "We test different climatic conditions and temperature ranges between +200 and -50 degrees Celsius in our in-house, accredited laboratory," reported Dr. Greiner. "With this we are joining the exclusive series of the few accredited, highly specialized laboratories all over Germany here in Rhede".

Electromobility is not a new, but a rapidly growing business area for the Rheder company: Kroschu has been supplying the corresponding manufacturers for 15 years. New cables outside the vehicle, like Dr. Anne Bremer explained: “The corona crisis has accelerated and pushed forward our KROcharge project. Now we are looking for partners from the region with whom we can roll out the topic together. "

Mayor Jürgen Bernsmann welcomed the exchange: “Since the introduction of the economic dialogue in 2016, we have already visited a large number of Rhed companies in this way and obtained information about the scope and performance of the companies during company tours. I am always enthusiastic about the companies' often worldwide commitment. ”When asked about the suspected PCB, the mayor reported that many Rheder citizens approached him with concern. "We are therefore pleased that the company has dealt with this suspected case so openly and transparently and has taken additional security measures."

Kroschu managing director Dr. Martin Greiner added: "All measurements were below the limit values, but now we have had additional filters installed." An immediate production changeover to another silicone crosslinker was not feasible, as Greiner made clear: "Anyone who wants to sell products to the automotive industry needs a wide variety of products Certificates and reports. The testing and application cycles for each individual material can be very lengthy and involve high costs. However, the company's financial advance payments do not yet imply a delivery transaction. Nevertheless, we work with our customers and suppliers on possible alternatives. "

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Caption: The Mayor of Rhed Jürgen Bernsmann (front right) and Kroschu Managing Director Dr. Martin Greiner also talked about electromobility in the factory hall - cables are developed, tested and manufactured in the Rhed plant. The exchange included (in the background from the left) HR Manager Siegfried Fannasch, Business Development Jutta Holthöfer-Büse and Sales Manager Dr. Anne Bremer. (Photo: Jennifer Middelkamp / Association of Entrepreneurs)

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