"Understanding children better": Red Cross educators look outside the box

"Understanding children better": Red Cross educators look outside the box

Thinking outside the box, getting to know other areas, exchanging ideas with each other: these were the focal points of an interdisciplinary exchange on child development. Organizer was the Red Cross in the district Borken in Rhede. The title "Understanding Children". The DRK daycare centers in Rhede, the areas of physiotherapy, ergotherapy and speech therapy of the Integration and Therapy Center (ITZ) were involved. For the pediatric and adolescent view, the Social Pediatric Center (SPZ) contributed to Westmünsterland.

Michael Gredig, technical director at the ITC of the Red Cross in the district of Borken, explained the background of the exchange of this kind: "The demands of the most diverse disciplines working with children are to be able to better understand them in their behavior, action and communication." The aim was to present different perspectives on important areas of children's development and bring them together in exchange.

26 educators at the Red Cross Center in Rhede spent a day using this, also practical: various exercises gave them a completely new perspective, for example throwing ball with darkened glasses, touching, balancing, painting actions, climbing with diver's fins through a ring.

Four lectures provided for a mutual exchange of experiences and encouraged discussion. The topics:

• Insights into basic, early childhood movement and perception experiences (Michael Gredig, physiotherapist, ITZ specialist);

• assess language and promote it with joy and serenity (Britta Stoffel, speech therapist ITZ);

• take away - take wrong (Ulrike Wessels, occupational therapist ITZ);

• Disorders of child development (Ludger Kämmerling, specialist in pediatric and adolescent medicine as well as head physician at the Social Pediatric Center Westmünsterland, Coesfeld).

As a pediatrician in the multidisciplinary round, the Senior Physician of the SPZ Westmünsterland, Ludger Kämmerling, was recruited: "It is always good when different perspectives are considered in a child development. The intersection is crucial and an exchange important. "Thus, possible behavioral and developmental problems in children could quickly notice and be determined by the paediatricians.

Michael Gredig was satisfied with his conclusion: "In addition to the lectures, the seminar offered the opportunity to try out in practice and to develop a better understanding of children's worlds of experience. We succeeded. "

The event was initiated by the Rheder DRK leadership team and planned by the medical-therapeutic branch of the ITC of the Red Cross.

Photos: "Understanding children better": Practical exercises by the educators at the Rotkreuz Center in Rhede with a group picture. Photos: DRK / and

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