Cooperation group organizes courier trips for corona tests

Cooperation group organizes courier trips for corona tests

Bocholt (PID). On the initiative of the Bocholt volunteer agency, Bocholt retirement homes and the initiative “Helping hands of the parish of St. Josef” have set up a daily courier service for corona second tests. From Monday to Friday, the facilities will in future hand in their second Corona tests at the central collection point "Good Shepherd" on Karolingerstrasse. From there they are immediately taken to the DRK collection point in Stadtlohn.
This service has been coordinated with the district health office, which has enabled a fixed delivery time for this purpose and provides material for safe transport.
Who transports the second test?
Many people affected by Corona have an additional problem: They are in an ordered quarantine because they have either already tested positive or because they have had contact with a person who tested positive. After an initial test has already been carried out - usually at the family doctor or via a care facility - you have to submit another corona test, the so-called second test, to the central contact point of the DRK in Stadtlohn after 5 days. If you do not find anyone among your family, friends or acquaintances who can take over the trip to Stadtlohn, the quarantine will then be extended to up to 14 days for you because you cannot present a second test. This means that you remain ignorant of how the second test would have turned out, i.e. whether you are Corona positive or negative.
Among other things, this affects the residents of the six senior citizens' homes in Bocholt. The facilities are not individually staffed to be able to offer daily trips to Stadtlohn. Tests are also required here, for example when returning from interim hospital stays or for day care visitors.
So far, in addition to the Good Shepherd, the Jeanette Wolff Senior Center and the Käthe Kollwitz House have also participated in the courier service. "Thanks to the good consultation with the health department, we can now carry out safe transport five days a week." In general, the following applies: Facilities and institutions that would also like to use this service should contact the Good Shepherd on the telephone number (02871) 9580 for an arrangement.
“We also know that many outpatient care services each carry out such trips to Stadtlohn for themselves. The care services are welcome to join the cooperative community. Of course, it would be ideal if participation in the central courier trips were also possible, ”says Rainer Howestädt, head of the Bocholt volunteer agency.
Help also with quarantine at home
"We became aware of this problem a few weeks ago because more and more citizens called us who could not organize the transport to Stadtlohn themselves and asked us for help," explains Howestädt. “Because people who are in quarantine at home are also affected by this problem. That's how the ball got rolling. "
Especially for this group of people, the group “Helping hands” participates in the cooperation community. “We like to support where no one else can help,” says Leo Engenhorst, member of “Helping hands”. "Since we are familiar with the processes, we can also provide a little advice on the testing." You then make sure that the tests are picked up at home and transported on.
Coronahilfe-Bocholt makes its hotline available
Bocholt residents who are in quarantine at home and have no other option to bring their second tests to Stadtlohn can call the Coronahilfe-Bocholt hotline on 02871 287 381. From there contact is made with the group “Helping Hands”.
“Once again it is evident that Bocholt is a very committed city, where we look for and find solutions together,” sums up Howestädt.

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