“District health care facility” is created in the Bocholt “Europahaus”

“District health care facility” is created in the Bocholt “Europahaus”
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The organizational and technical preparations for the start of the "district health care facility" (KKE) planned in the "Europahaus" in Bocholt have largely been completed. District Administrator Dr. Kai Zwicker and District Order Director Dr. Elisabeth Schwenzow, Jürgen Rave (crisis manager and head of the emergency services) and Leonard Pliete (deputy district red cross leader) from the DRK district association, which is closely involved in the development and future operation of the aid organization, and Thomas Klein-Ridder from the Malteser Hilfsdienst ( MHD) can take a picture yourself. The KKE, directed by the disaster control of the district of Borken, is to act as a “buffer function” if the capacities of domestic hospitals are threatened due to the coronavirus pandemic. Then she would admit those patients who show no serious illnesses, but can no longer be given outpatient medical care, the district administrator said at the on-site visit. The assignment of patients there will be done primarily through the hospitals.

At present, the district is putting the medical staff together. In particular, it is recruited from staff of the aid organizations and medically trained volunteers who came forward after calling the circle. The DRK district association Borken has already carried out initial training for them in cooperation with the district administration and the Bocholt fire department. The main focus was on the presentation of the KKE concept and the space available for it, as well as hygiene instruction and the handling of personal protective clothing. Further training will follow in the next few days.

The KKE Bocholt should start from a recognizable overload of the hospitals with a minimum number of patients of five people - the facility can then be gradually expanded. If necessary, a further KKE can be set up, which would relieve the hospitals in the northern district from Legden - the location would be the "Dorf Münsterland". According to Dr. Zwicker cooperate closely with the hospitals in the district. Against this background, the district administrator continues to call on volunteers from the health sector to support the important task of the KKE. Interested parties can register online at www.kreis-borken.de/helfer.

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District Administrator Dr. Kai Zwicker, together with Jürgen Rave (DRK), Thomas Klein-Ridder (MHD), Dr. Elisabeth Schwenzow and Leonard Pliete (DRK) inspect the premises in the "Europahaus" in Bocholt.

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