Cultural summer in Bocholt - JuLis see city marketing as a duty

Cultural summer in Bocholt - JuLis see city marketing as a duty
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“The city of Bocholt has to set framework conditions so that artists and cultural workers, despite or perhaps because of Corona, have an opportunity to do their work. The domestic event industry must be integrated, ”said Kevin Eising, chief of the young liberals.

Culture is not a matter of course - it takes passion and imagination, skill, talent and simply courage to put on a stage and perform. “We have to offer this stage - also in a metaphorical sense. Those who live culture and inspire others are particularly hard hit by the corona pandemic, because they often fall through the criteria of state aid. We have to help here! ”Says Meike Vom Schemm.

"City marketing must be made responsible here! Not only can it be demanding in order to maintain itself, it must also finally live up to its name and offer opportunities for others. City marketing must be encouraged to promote, ”Dominik Barking added. “Possibilities like open-air concerts, even on a small scale, do not always have to be the giant event at Hünting. Likewise, shows and performances by small artists, whether in the fresh air or on a small scale in specially designed rooms, would finally have an effect and show our creative artists the appreciation they deserve. ”

"We are firmly convinced that there is a need for quick action here to maintain what is currently hardly in focus but urgently needs help," concludes Sebastian Brinkmann.
The city of Bocholt and city marketing in particular must finally wake up from shock and come into action for the culture of Bocholt

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