District administrator demands additional vaccination doses for the border area

District administrator demands additional vaccination doses for the border area

Due to the extraordinarily high number of infections, since yesterday (August 06.08.2021th, 07.04.2021) the Netherlands has been classified as an area with a particularly high risk of infection (“high incidence area”). In view of this development and the associated special burdens for the border area, today (April XNUMXth, XNUMX) District Administrator Dr. Kai Zwicker reminds the country of its commitment from mid-March to deliver additional vaccine to the border regions with Belgium and the Netherlands. At his initiative, all of the border districts of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Aachen city region urgently asked for it. However, a corresponding delivery has not yet taken place.

In his letter to State Health Minister Karl-Josef Laumann, Dr. Zwicker is now clear that the situation in the NRW border regions has worsened significantly compared to last month. This confirms the classification of the Netherlands as a “high incidence area”. Among other things, this results in the obligation to carry a current test certificate with you when entering from this neighboring country. In practice, there are many problems associated with the implementation of the new measures. This is particularly evident in the Borken district using the example of the border village “Dinxperwick”: There, the Bocholt district of Suderwick and Dinxperlo, which belongs to the Dutch Aalten, merge practically “seamlessly” into one another. The residents of “Dinxperwick” have not seen the border in everyday life for years. There are already numerous reports in the Dutch media that the implementation of the new regulations is met with great incomprehension among many “Dinxperwickers”.

In its commitment at the time, the country had expressly emphasized that enabling and maintaining border traffic in pandemic times was an important concern. Today Borkens District Administrator: “From a local point of view, this can be taken into account by the fact that additional vaccination doses are actually being delivered, so that the 'buffer function' intended for the border area compared to the Netherlands as a 'high incidence area' can be sustainably strengthened. Dr. Zwicker therefore asked Minister Laumann to arrange for the promised delivery of additional vaccination doses to the NRW border region.

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