Man from Bocholt ill with measles - schools of children informed

Man from Bocholt ill with measles - schools of children informed

Bocholt. A man from Bocholt has contracted the measles. Obviously, he got infected during a visit to Eastern Europe. This informs the health department of the district Borken. Measles are a particularly contagious infectious disease. Therefore, the sick person is in the hospital and is treated there. Two of his children attend schools in Bocholt. One of them has comprehensive vaccination coverage. The other has been vaccinated only once, so that only a 95 percent protection could be built. The schools of both children immediately informed the parents of the affected school classes and asked them to check the vaccination protection of their children and to contact in case of doubt contact with the pediatrician.

To the background:
Measles are a particularly contagious infectious disease. There is often a difficult course here. In individual cases, the course can even be deadly.
About eight to ten days after the infection, there is a high fever, cough, runny nose, inflammation in the nose and throat area and the eyes. Only a few days later, the typical rash forms.
Patients are contagious for about five days before the rash occurs and then for another four days.
The best protection is the vaccine! Children should be vaccinated twice according to current recommendations. Adults with unclear vaccination status need a vaccine. People who have gone through the measles are usually protected for life.
The District Health Office Borken asks people who have questions about their vaccine protection or that of their children to contact their family doctor / pediatrician. Of course, the district health office is also willing to provide appropriate advice.
Anyone who notices symptoms that may indicate a measles disease in his or her children, please contact his pediatrician immediately. It is expressly: Please register because of the risk of infection there only by phone to deny the further procedure! By no means should someone with measles symptoms still go to school!
Already the suspicion of a measles disease is notifiable by the doctor and / or laboratory.
More information about measles can be found on the website of the Borken district as well as in six different languages ​​here:

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