Man shoves 34 yearlings in approaching train - victim dies

Man shoves 34 yearlings in approaching train - victim dies

On Saturday against 08: 49 o'clock, a man pushed an 34-year-old woman, who was waiting for the train on the platform in Voerde, to be pushed into the track bed just in front of an incoming regional express. The woman was overrun and died despite rescue by the fire department and initiated resuscitation by the ambulance still on site. The alleged perpetrator, a police-trained 28-year-old from Hamminkeln, was held by witnesses until the arrival of the police and then arrested. The facts of the case are determined by a murder commission of the police headquarters Duisburg. The train driver as well as witnesses of the incident as well as the relatives of the victim are cared for pastoral care. The railway line had to be closed for the duration of the recovery and forensics. For railway travelers a rail replacement traffic was established.

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