Meckenemstrasse and Werther Strasse narrowed

Meckenemstrasse and Werther Strasse narrowed

Bocholt (PID). Because bridge lines are being checked, Meckenemstraße and Werther Straße at the level of the bridges over Bocholter Aa have to be partially restricted. The individual reviews take approximately four hours and take place on two days from 9 a.m. to 15 p.m. from Monday February 17, 2020 to Saturday February 28, 2020.
The Meckenemstraße is narrowed down on the western side (Kinodrom), on the Werther Straße the side strip is closed on the eastern side (into the city). The cycle path on both roads will be closed for the duration of the inspection. Cyclists have to dismount and push their bikes past the work.

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