Talking about rights - strengthening the culture of debate

Talking about rights - strengthening the culture of debate

As part of the European Weeks 2019 the community college offers a panel discussion, which will deal with the debate culture in Germany. Not only - as one might interpret from the title of the event - are the rights meant, but all those who think, debate and argue differently. On the podium Fatma Boland, educator of the adult education center Bocholt-Rhede-Isselburg and Dr. med. Daniel-Pascal Zorn, philosopher, columnist and author sit and ask, among other things, why one should speak with rights, why there is logic for Democrats and what it has for the impact on one's own image of man to debate with different thinkers. All around the event, the team of presenters from Veerle Seelig and Michel Fahrland will bring European flair to the audience with camera and microphone. The greeting will be dr. Stefan Nacke (MdL), chairman of the National Association of Adult Education Centers of North Rhine-Westphalia. The event is free and takes place on Thursday the 9. May at 19: 30 pm held in the media center. Further information in the VHS office Bocholt, Southwall 4a, the branches Rhede and Isselburg or over the Internet.

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