WITH VIDEO: Fire brigade extinguishes roof fire at Bocholter Brauhaus

WITH VIDEO: Fire brigade extinguishes roof fire at Bocholter Brauhaus

The operations center of the Bocholt fire brigade was informed this morning shortly after eight o'clock by several emergency calls that smoke was developing from the roof of the empty brewery in the area of ​​Hindenburgstrasse. Since this message could already be confirmed by the first forces on the approach, the volunteer fire brigade was alerted immediately. When the full-time fire brigade arrived, flames and smoke struck from a roof window. The fire was fought using two turntable ladders and was quickly brought under control.

The Borken fire brigade supported this with a turntable ladder. The building was also searched for possible people. Fortunately, there were no more people in the empty building. During the subsequent extinguishing work, parts of the roof covering were opened on all sides of the building, as the roof structure could no longer be entered due to the risk of collapse. The special task force “Lage Luft” was deployed here to investigate the situation, using drones to support the task force with aerial photographs from a thermal imaging camera.

The height rescue group of the Bocholt fire brigade was also on site. However, this no longer had to be used. During the mission, Bocholt's mayor Thomas Kerkhoff got an on-site impression. The Bocholt fire brigade was on duty for three hours with 75 emergency services and 13 vehicles.


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